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  • Friday, September 7, 2007

    Money Also Can Emo!

    We were dead bored waiting for David's ATM card to be issued by the Maybank authorities.

    Out of boredom, he took out his Singapore Dollar and started folding it, "hey, I wana show you something."


    Sheeeee.....! I think "Mr.Sing Dollar" wants to tell us something.

    "Hi! My name is Encik Yusof bin Ishak!"

    "I am so happy because I'm the 1st president of the Singapore Republic!"

    "I feel so sad because Malaysia kicked us out last time, we suffer a lot you know to build up our country!"

    "Aiyoh! Why my people became so 'kia su' now days!? I am so in grieved of this culture, what have you all become since my departure!!??"

    "But I am over all happy because my face are on ALL Singapore dollars! And I am a bigger value compare to the Malaysian Ringgit! Who ask you to kick us out last time!? HAH! Serve you right!"

    "Cis!! Berlagak sial orang tu!!"(Hey!! That fella is such a show off!!)

    I wanted to put little voice bubble on the pictures, but the space not enough.

    Anyhow, let me propose a challenge just for fun, you guys grab all 5/6 of those picture, and go make up your own "conversation" like what I did, and repost it on your blog.

    Don't forget to drop me your link in the COMMENT BOX after you done it, share your creativeness to the world people!! =D