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  • Sunday, September 2, 2007

    Menu Preparation

    I had blogged about my kitchen class but nothing about restaurant, it is because our lecturer is kinda fast moving, therefore not enough time to take pictures.

    But this is melzkc.blogspot.com, a picture oriented blog, I managed to snap 2 shots during our class when lecturer was looking elsewhere.

    Here is a sneak peak for non-hotel students about what we do during restaurant practical class.

    1st up! Setting up the table for typical fine dining.

    This table I set wan weh, teratur or not? =D

    My work station, where all the things you used to set the table are all placed here, so that we don't have to run up and down.

    Few weeks ago, our lecturer gave us an assignment, that is to create a restaurant menu.

    Due to some problems, my menu turn up to be like this...

    And I thought I did a great job by decorating it till so "nice" in less then 5 minutes!

    Until I saw Sio Sen's menu...

    4x the number! 4x the beauty!

    It pwned my menu so hard, if I used it to wipe the shit out of my ass, my ass would shout "Oi! Use toilet paper la!"...

    I don't understand why, but after looking at her menu, my spirit within me is screaming, "Mel/KC, you got serious work to do!".

    So one fine evening, I took time time to walk from my house all the way to 'Big Book Shop' at Taipan USJ.

    I bought a piece of paper that worth only RM0.80 and walk all the way back home.

    I thought to myself, "eh, now got paper, but no stuff can be used to decorate the menu!".

    Luckily, my savior stayed just around the corner where I live.

    Thanks Leanne for loaning me your color pen and ribbons! =D

    I waste no time, and got my lazy arse up and start working.

    After 2 hours...


    Nice or not?

    Reminds me of art class back then during lower secondary school days.

    Click picture to enlarge

    Just me poking fun on the menu. And sorry for my ugly handwriting.

    I'm satisfied with what I did, but my lecturer say this 'window type menu' he don't wan, instead he wants the fold into half type.

    He asked me to redo... -.-

    "Jiak sai la!"


    1 comment:

    lil sammie ♥ said...

    not bad ur art (:
    anytime can drop by my place for stuffs to deco. i have plenty of them. feel free too
    or some creative ideas (:
    *cheh, perasaan nya sammie*