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  • Friday, August 31, 2007

    Year Of Jubilee

    Happy Holiday/Merdeka!

    How did you guys celebrate independence day? Sleep at home? Went to Pyramid? The Curve? Putra Jaya? Dataran Merdeka?

    Picture courtesy from Chong, fireworks at
    'The Curve' during merdeka eve

    Since today is our nations 50th year of saying bye bye to British, melzkc.blogspot.com is going to have a post on something good about this country for once.

    Whatever that I am gona say here today might cost doubts among some of you, I would really love to hear your point of view/comment/disagreement.

    One of the good things about Malaysia that we are made up of multicultural society, if I were to list all out, its gona take up quite a lot of word space.

    I am not only talking about multicultural citizens, but also different background people from various parts of the world, come here whether for study or work purposes.

    I can strongly say that our country host the most "race of people". Look around you and you know what I mean.

    It is sad to hear news about racial dispute among various groups of people, what more coming across it almost everyday during my secondary school life.

    Where the guys toilet turns into a boxing arena. Imagine if your shitting inside and a fight broke out. Not only will you hear "blug blug blug" as your shit falls into the toilet bowl.

    Maybe also got "Oi! Lu ada mau mati ar?" followed by some punch and kick sound, free entertainment weh. Just hope they don't budge into your door la...

    It happens due to belief differences? Unfairness of certain government ordain/law? Sense of racial superiority? Face problem?

    Let me ask you guys, is Malaysian food awesome? If no, then too bad for you la.

    If yes, then think about this. What if last time the older generation failed to unite and be tolerant with each other to kick the English out of this land, what will happen? Hmm...

    Would we be able to gain access to our so loved nasi lemak, teh tarik, char kueh tiao, bak ku teh(non-halal), roti canai, tosai?

    I'll die man, and Gwen will die too! =P


    Had to admit that we still need to improve in this area, maybe one day this issue would turn for the better? Never will I know.

    Besides that, Malaysia has world-class infrastructure.

    Sadly we also got longkang-class drivers.

    Our roads can rival many other 1st world country such certain parts in US, German.

    "Mel/KC you crazy ar?! Rival 1st world country my foot la! Our roads macam tahi you know!", hold your horses and let me explain.

    *Don't scroll down too fast!! Must do this exercise to get my point, if you drive on the north-south highway you will understand this more, other roads also can.*

    Close your eyes and imagine there are absolutely no cars on the north-south highway and you are speeding really really really really fast!! Take 5-10 seconds to visualize this.

    Now ask yourself, any of this things came into your mind.

    1. "Aiyoh! After got cow come out of nowhere how ar!?"
    2. "Road got hole later my car wheel enter then I lost control how leh!?"
    3. "Wah.. later road not build finish I drove off the cliff die la!?"

    So, you get my point? ;)

    Of cause you never thought of it rite? Malaysian roads are good, but not all of them thats for sure.

    We can get from one end of the peninsula to the other and even able to drive into Singapore & Thailand some more.

    When balik kampung time, are the roads bad?(Yeah I know some places are) Well as for me when I went back mum's hometown, my journey was comfortable, not much bumpy roads like old times.

    My conclusion:
    Infrastructure >> Good
    Drivers >> Need major improvement

    It is us drivers(not all) that made our roads reputation drop.

    I wanted to submit this picture to 'The Star' newspaper, but got problem so I fail to send it. =(

    Took this picture when I was on the way to college, don't ask
    me how it get there without breaking the divider, this is what I call
    "Malaysian driver pro-ness"

    Other then that, this is what I love the most in this country.


    No need me to elaborate on this rite? So evident la, my house roof is still stick to itself for 11-12 years already. =)

    Now, the final part of my long post.

    What Malaysia had lost over the years: Becoming the central education center of Asia.

    Believe it or not, in the entire Asian continent, there are only 6 countries which many of its people can speak good English, some even use it in their daily life instead of their own mother tongue.

    Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Philippine, Sri Langka & Malaysia.

    Not even Japan, Korea, China.

    Don't believe me, try think a little deeper, compare other Asian country with us, and you will start to notice this shocking truth.

    The reason Malaysia could beat the other 5 country in terms of becoming the education center of Asia is due to:

    We beat India, Sri Langka & Philippine because of our infrastructure advancement.

    Compare our roads and theirs, some ada lembu menghalang jalan also, no need me to name which country la, you all know.

    "Eh, Singapore and Hong Kong more power then us la Mel/KC, how can you say we beat them?"

    Take a look at this and see whats the difference between this 2 country.

    Yes! Our balls land is bigger! Therefore more space to build college, universities, institution, if we were to compare.

    Even though Hong Kong's land is bigger then Malaysia, but they got no space already, thats why their building all expend upwards instead of sideways.

    Sadly our country has lost that strength, due to internal law and order problem, crime rates sky rocketing, corruption, bastard that loves to exploit foreign people, social problem.

    Nevertheless, Malaysia is still our country, of cost we hope to do the best for it.

    By the way, I wana to highlight something, Loving your country and loving your government is 2 different thing.

    So do you love your country? What about your/our government?

    *Note: I'm not being racist or "national-cist" in this post, if I accidentally offend you, please don't take it to heart ok?* =)

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    chLoe said...

    OK, dis time, i totally support n agree wif u.

    While u write about good stuff, i kinda kutuked some people in my 1st sept post.
    More like kutuking racists la, n not so much info la judging by d fact that i suck at politics...

    Got insomnia. i go spam ur cbox la.