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  • Saturday, August 4, 2007

    Vietnamese Refugee

    Warning! Much dissatisfaction is vomited out into this post, high chance you might be angered. Don't read if you wan to remain happy!

    From doing assignment in the morning, ended up helping a friend shift out from his place during the evening is not a normal everyday thing that people would expect to happen.

    It boils my blood to know our own fellow country people, ripping off foreign students room rental money.

    Furthermore shouting at them and being rude to their friends(TO ME!! >:@).

    As I had mention in my previous post, my friend - David, from Vietnam came down to study in Malaysia, he rented a room at Ridzuan for RM 580.

    RM 380 for room, RM 200 for water and electricity.

    No air condition, cant wash certain stuff in the washing machine, not given a DECENT table, chair and basic accommodation needs(bed, pillow), cant hang cloths outside the balcony, and the house is DAMN stinky, etc...

    Thats the background of the story, now I shall write out what actually happen.


    I woke up in the morning, went meet David, Jeff, Chris, and Rebekah at Mentari Court, ate at Asia Cafe, went all the way to Sungai Long(Jeff's place) to do assignment, came back and hang out at Ridzuan.

    Mentari Court

    David had the intention of moving out quite sometime ago, currently rallying the people that wan to move out to stay with him.

    Due to the house owners nonsense attitude, David don't even wana have a conversation with them. So me and Jeff decided to give him some moral support by being there with him.

    David approach the owner with courtesy, referring them as "Madam/Sir".

    But you know what he get in return? Rain of saliva bombarding poor David's face till he looked like as if he cried.

    Here are some of the things they said, with a loud voice and rude attitude, their itchy finger starting to point here and there, not to mention they wont even give us a chance to talk back.

    Wifes philosophy..

    "You must stay at less one year only can move out, if within one year, you must find another person to substitute you."

    1st - There we no written contract that stated one has to stay in the house for a year to move out.

    "If you move out your deposit will be forfeited."

    2nd - So? Forfeit a little to gain more, isn't that a smart thing to do?

    There weren't any hand written contract for goodness sake? Furthermore they never told David he has to stay for a year only can move out.

    Never mind... Those were just minor sayings.

    But when her husband open his mouth..

    "You have totally no discipline in the house!"

    3rd - Have you heard of privacy? Its within a private compound, no discipline so what? I paid for this place, I can sing out loud till the glass break and you cant do a shit to me.

    "You think who you are? Bringing 3rd party people and get involved in your matter? I deal with you, not them, who are these people?!"

    4th - We may be consider as 3rd party people, but your ignorance cost us 3rd party people(Jeff and others) cant move into the same house, therefore we are link to this issue, so we got the right to speak.

    When I tried to justify certain points in a polite way. "You know who am I?? I am an EX-POLICE you know that?!"

    5th - The hell cares your an EX-police? EX-police means can talk big cock ar? You so fat some more dare to call yourself EX-police? Now I know why u so fat la, must be sucking on all the "coffee money" you people collect la, minum-makan-minum-makan~ tentulah gemuk ni!

    "I can call the police and put you in jail you know for coming into my house!"

    6th - We are guest to a friend that STAYS in your God forsaken place, so YOU have NO RIGHTS to kick us out! Call police la, we might get into a little trouble, *evil grins* but the police is gona take 23 min to get here, in that 23 min, somebody gona get a hurt real bad... >:3

    "You shut up, get out of the house now! I don't wan to talk to you!"

    7th - WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO ASK ME TO SHUT UP? Have you got no basic courtesy? Don't understand the word diplomacy? HELLO MORONS!! Cant you just speak with a civilize manner? Shit! I forgot! Barbarian knows no diplomacy, only destruction.

    It was so funny when the guy wanted to kick us out of the house, I just stare at him blankly and refuse to move.

    Come lift me up la u fat son of a bitch, EX-police ma! Very strong wan rite? Owh... I'm sorry.... YOUR OLD oledi!!! No muscle never mind wan, use your round belly and hit me so that I bounce out of the door la! JACK ASS!

    At Econsave near Sungai Long, Rebekah wanted
    to stock up some supplies before leaving for Melacca

    His wife came, mumble something in Tamil, he chilled and uttered, "you see! what make me angry is he call his friends and come settle problem his problem..." Followed by some rubbish he said.

    David bought a new mattress, old one too thin

    He went into the room when he done talking.

    Now the bitchy wife starts talking pulak...

    By the way, did I mention David's ATM card could not withdraw any cash due to it not internationally recognized.

    Wise man unite to solve the mystery of the ATM card

    He explained to the woman, but she refuses to just extend the due date for few days.

    Cant you just give him a break? Not like he is gona run away...


    To cut the story short, David moved in on the 3rd of July, and today is 3rd of August!

    That strike my mind, if stay 1 more night means must pay 1 months rental fee!

    Messy room, no table to put stuff and all, you say leh...

    Jeff: "Come pack your stuff, you got to move out now."

    Sadly his deposit has to be forfeited.

    And there we go, help packing up David's stuff, which later we stored it in Jeff's car.

    Jeff helping to pack up

    The problem is, he has no where to stay at the moment.

    Jeff called quite a number of people, asking for help, but all in vain due to parental issue.

    Messy room, 2nd view

    Lucky, David's friend from Pakistan took him in for the night.

    I guess he will be alright for now, he will be hitch hiking peoples place from now till the group of them ready to move into a new place.

    David packing up



    I just cant believe an ordinary day could end up this way.

    Screw that fat man and his ugly wife.

    I so wish u will fall and role down from the stairs and the sharp edge of the stairs slit your fat bouncy stomach into half, then your intestines come out, die and rot so that it can fertilize the soil, pay back for all the "coffee money" you sucked from your people!

    As for your wife, I hope she will get flatten by you and suffocate in her sleep, due to you rolling over her, crushing every bone till it turns into powder.

    Getting some stuff to stay over for the night

    Sadistic? Me? HAHA!

    After what he and she has done?

    People come here to study, but look what happen... =/

    Mencemarkan nama negara jer orang macam ni...

    *Roll eyes*

    Your kind of people are a shame to our nation.


    cdason said...

    yeah.. these kind of people should get sued.. isnt there a law for errant landlords??

    Pam said...

    har....580? y so expensive?!

    and i tot ridzuan is cheaper. eh, ur friend nt staying under taylors izzit? y lar, taylors' one is much cheaper n better...

    i stay at mentari,taylos' accommodation, got air-cond and the furniture r ok one...
    and its rm500..


    MelzKC said...

    if go sue these kinda people, got to waste even more money, so no point la. =/

    wat to do, bad luck. =/

    MelzKC said...

    yeah, he not under taylors, thats y.. =/

    Prem said...


    someone was a bit aggressive... dun be so RUDE lah... have some decency..


    hah... now i have released my anger... lolz....