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  • Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    Term 2 Lunch Service

    Short post for the day!

    I went for Chris's friend lunch service a number of weeks ago, his friend is a term 2 student.

    As usual, French style serve the bread 1st before the starter.

    Before I started this diploma course, I thought any glass that has a stem in the middle are know as wine glass.

    I was wrong, the glass above is a 'water goblet', as the name had indicated, only water are to be served in it.

    If any of you notice, in western restaurant they put something like this in the middle or side of the table.

    This kind of decoration don't play play ah...

    Got name wan you know!

    Its call 'center piece'.

    After a while, the starter was ready to be served.

    I was expecting something appealing, something like wad I had during the dinner service I went last month.

    I never liked veggie... =(

    Anyhow, the main course was good.

    I love the steak! But the carrot and long bean no taste wan.. I added some salt to make it taste better.

    Sadly the dessert a little too sweat for me.

    Tambah pulak I try to cut it with the fork, the cake in return became flat... =/

    Oh well, nobody is perfect, and I will be serving soon!!

    Term 1 ending already, time flies..

    This year especially, so much had happen and change, all we can do is just look back and give a *sigh*...

    Anyway, will try to keep my updates coming along, stay tune! =D

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