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  • Thursday, August 23, 2007

    Vietnamese Visitation

    Whats On My Mind:

    ICT project - Almost done
    Food and Beverage project - Power point yet to be done
    Room Division project - "How to do ah...?"
    Housekeeping presentation - Finishing touch!
    Preparation for endless assessment - Praying to God more often
    Dig My Nose - Ever ready!!

    I know I haven been updating this few days, as you can see why at the above statement.(except the last wan)

    Been going out to friends place after class & night to work on our project.


    I'M SORRY!!!

    I still haven receive the remaining pictures, so here is another filler post.

    David's girlfriend(I shall refer her as 'cin') from Vietnam came down to Malaysia few days ago.

    Flag of Vietnam

    Having someone who came to your country for the 1st time, of cost we naturally & "common sense-ly" wan to strike a good 1st impression.

    UNFORTUNATELY, some people are just born with selfishly retarded mentality...

    A hand full of our beloved Malaysian customs officer JUST HAVE TO make people so "tulan-ted" till they feel like crying..

    Jeff, David and me helped with some bags and check in stuff,
    hospitality students in action!

    *WARNING: The story below not confirmed, I heard this when I was sleepy, might miss out or changed something*

    I'm not clear what happen to Cin, as far as I know, David told me his story when he entered Malaysia from Singapore, the customs officer denied his access,

    You know what those blood suckers at our side of the boarded did? They asked for some kopi-o money, saying that if he do so then only they will let him pass. -.-

    You thing our ass made of gold meh...

    Until he showed his Singapore certificate, ensuring that his entrance to M'sia is for study purpose, they let him pass...

    Stupid rite? I don't know what Cin went through, she did not like M'sia really much and up to a point till she refuses to visit KL city(David told us),

    Yellow line means "park on"

    David had no choice but to take her there to so call "change the image" of M'sia in her mind.


    A non-Malaysian, bringing another non-Malaysian, to save Malaysia's "face"...

    Ironic so ironic...

    BUT don't worry my fellow country people! Our 'maruah' is not all doomed! Me and some of my friends tried to be a good host to her,

    Doing all we can to make her stay in Malaysia a better memory, and so we did(I hope)...

    Jeff drove us for midnight supper at a local hawker stall near Taylor's PJ campus.

    Food + drinks + outside sitting watching polluted skies + car exhaust gas = one-helluva-tasty-food!

    Nguyen Tan Phu(David) & Nguyen Thu Thao(Cin)
    "Tan = New, Phu = Rich" ; "Thu = autumn, Thao = grass" O.o

    Many people said they look like brother and sister instead of a couple! Hahah!

    Anyway Cin, I hope you will somehow enjoy your stay in Malaysia. =)