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  • Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    Kitchen Class

    Omgoodness, my phone camera is starting to fail me.. Many taken pictures ended up blur... =(

    Heck, that is not gona stop me from blogging anyway.

    Todays kitchen class was a really tiring and confusing one,

    Chef Tan(my lecturer) kept skip and jump from one topic to another.

    As I was looking back at the pictures that I took,

    I wanted to categorize the cooking proses, only to know that I cant remember as to which one is which.

    Not to mention forgetting all the English terms given, what more the French names...

    Jeff, David, Chris, Me

    Anyway, the 1st thing I learned was "raping dressing the chicken".

    In this proses, our hands would "molest" parts of chicken that we don't normally would do.

    Such as...

    The chicken ass.

    Besides touching touching, the main objective is to bind the chicken up using a needle and strings.

    Something like that..

    Not to mention, we got to clear out some unwanted stuff such as fats, bones, the neck and etc..

    The end result.

    Not bad for a 1st timer. =)

    Some other preparation pictures.

    'Bathing' the chicken


    We also learn how to cut chicken into different pieces.

    Getting ready to make various types of potato dishes.

    Chef Tan

    Making mash potato

    He asked us to 'sau-te' some of the potato, this is what it suppose to look like.

    And this was what happen when I try to 'sau-te' my potato.


    Now, making tomato sauce.

    At the end of it.

    Preparing to serve

    Dish 1

    Dish 2

    Dish 3

    Dish 4

    Dish 5

    The aftermath of having a group of 10+ people working in a kitchen for 4+ hours standing up.

    Roasted chicken - Before.

    Roasted chicken - After.

    That all till this point of time, as you all notice, the beginning of the post I wrote some stuff, then I wrote less later on.

    Wana know why??


    I just remembered I got IT assessment tomorrow!! And I haven prepared myself!

    Better quality update soon, off to get ready.

    Ciaoz people~!


    Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...

    Damn cun,...they actually look very inviting..heh.

    cdason said...

    Lesson to be learned...

    Never see how your food is prepared coz its cruel, and messy...

    lil sammie ♥ said...

    gee, looks fun though. i cant wait for my turn ;)