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  • Friday, July 20, 2007

    'Tailoring' Part 2

    Whats On My Mind:

    *Having a conversation with Clarissa(Korean)*

    Bodoh moment - Take one!

    Me: (Running out on what to say) "So, both your parents are from Korea?
    She: *Scoffs shyly*
    Me: (Realize that I said something dumb) "Of cause both your parents are from Korea! The heck am I saying!?!

    Certain Malaysian are known for their "hospitality" towards foreign visitors,

    Such as cabbies making those annoying kissing sounds at the ARRIVAL BAY within the air port,

    Wooing unsuspecting tourist to get their ass onto their cab so that they can "chop" their wallet into half.

    Such a "warm welcome" isn't it?

    "Welcome to Malaysia...! If your rich or inexperience."

    Alright, you would say
    "ceh! those incident biasa la, nothing special wan ma"..

    Well, let me bring you a true story that happened to a friend of mine from Vietnam, his name is David(believe me, you wont wana know his full name).

    I visited his crib on Tuesday, at Ridzuan condo, one of Taylor's College hostel other then Mentari Court.

    He told me his room got absolutely nothing, the house owner are quite stingy.

    I thought it cant be that bad...

    After all is visit Malaysia 2007, people should smart smart la take care of the country's image .

    BUT no...

    The owner din even give him a mattress... Other then a lousy dusty fan, a chair(with no table) and a beat up cupboard,

    NOTHING else was given... Not to mention the house is filled with foul laundry smell plus a strong sweat scent.

    He has to go buy his own mat and other sleeping needs which cause him to fork out another RM100++, room rental is RM580.

    A total rip off I would say... He studied in Singapore for 2 year before coming on our shore,

    "Never had I see anything like this.."
    he said.

    And I told him...
    "Welcome to Malaysia."

    A view from the balcony, then I notice something..

    David said can even see KLCC from another side of the condo.

    It's a shame to have foreigners coming here these days observing us in this increasingly kiasu society where sincerity is no match for money.

    1 comment:

    Andrew said...

    Um, seeing summit and klcc is so common... lol! i can see klcc in my school too!