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  • Friday, August 10, 2007

    Merdeka Fever

    Merdeka is drawing near again! I hope this year will be super grand, cause its the 50th year of independence, half a century man.

    If whoever thats handling the performance still going to ask students to do those lame dance, I have nothing else to say...

    I wan see FULL display of military arsenal man! Not some "Do, Re, Mi" or "Budi Bahasa" dance(We were forced to do that you know!).

    *Sigh* Reminds me of the good old form 4 days where we became lame "work" for the government so fun can skip class for 3 months.

    That not my school, these people
    did some funny
    "astro-nut" dance.

    Since February, the merdeka fire was already burning at some places.

    As 31th August is drawing near, things started to get a little bit over the board.

    This particular Malaysian icon never fails to amuse me, its the core of the "suiting"(that kissing sound use to call mamak waiters) culture.

    A lot of foreigners(Singaporean especially) & even locals doesn't not like this icon of ours, because they always chop our wallets.

    Yes, what else but our proud Malaysian cabs!

    When it comes to showing patriotism, it beats us so hard, till it makes us wonder are we even Malaysians.

    Sorry for the blur image, I was trying to show
    the 2 large flag at the back and a flag on the
    front of the car

    No I am not just talking about hanging 2 flags and sticking 1 in front of your car.

    I mean....

    Spotted in front of Ridzuan condominium

    Beat that man...


    cdason said...

    haha.. nice one man..

    Andrew Chong said...

    Hey that car is in The Star Thumbnails!!!