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  • Sunday, August 26, 2007

    I've Got Punk'd!

    August 16, 1989. It was the day.......

    One of the landscape pictures mum took when she visited NZ

    Alright! Lets cut the grandmother story, it was 16th of August 2007, I was not as care free like 18 years ago.

    Projects to be done, restaurants to visit, assessment and assignment to worry. Nevertheless, birthday wishes came in via MSN, friendster, SMS and face to face.

    You guys made my day! =)

    Anyway, my team of 5 people(David, Rebekah, Chris, Jeff and myself) had to do a research on any restaurant of our choice, I suggested Ogawa restaurant.

    I shall not elaborate more about my visitation to the restaurant, I'll save it for the next post.

    After all the research, we had dinner there.

    Rebekah and the watermelon, its unfair cause don't have your
    picture, while other all got, so I put this up~ =P

    *Note: At this point of time, I had absolutely no idea of their plan*

    When we almost finish our food, Jeff and Rebekah went off to pick up Sio Sen.

    So left David, Chris and me waiting. They went off for a really long time, Sio Sen is not staying at Timbaktu or something, its just around the neighborhood.

    I called Rebekah... "Owh, we are getting your cake."

    Who the heck would leak such info to the birthday boy if it were to be a surprise? Moreover Chris and David looked like this...

    Which part of them looked like they had a plan in mind?

    I thought to myself, no way I can get thrown into the pool or kena some birthday bashing gimmick.

    I did not suspect a thing.

    Finally Jeff and the rest came back for us, we bid Restaurant Ogawa farewell and head to the old time lepak place - Asia Cafe.

    The one on top

    Nothing much happened here, we just took some pictures, talked a bit, drink some stuff.

    Chris, me & David, super tired after a day of project rushing

    Then, from my back, Sio Sen and Jeff brought me a piece of chocolate cheese cake! =D

    Sadly I couldn't eat it, the cheese smell was too strong for me to bare, Jeff had to finish it. Sorry guys~! I really appreciate it, but... Cheese just kicks my nose too much... @.@

    It was kinda late and we left, Jeff had to send me home.

    Sio Sen & me on the way to my slaughter home in Jeff's car

    My guard was totally down, because:
    1. I already gotten a piece of cake
    2. There is no swimming pool or what so ever to get we met
    3. Everyone was tired
    4. I'm going home!
    Who the heck would surprise a person twice?

    I'm SAFE!!!

    FAT CHANCE~!!!

    Pay attention to the series of "conning" taking place.

    1.Disarm targets electronic from the front of their nose
    (Things to disarm: Camera & camera Phone)

    Rebekah: "Eh, lend me your phone I wan to transfer some songs."
    Innocent Me: "Sure thing."

    Sio Sen: "Pass me your camera."
    Innocent Me: "Aite."

    2. Take target to some place where he will less suspect

    (Note: My house is an apartment = got swimming pool)

    Jeff: "Eh I wan to pee la, can go your house ar?"
    Chris: "Me too!"
    Innocent Me: "No problem, you guys can use the club house there got toilet."

    Rebekah asked me a question... "Eh, your house swimming pool can use wan ar?" And I DID NOT SUSPECT A THING!

    3. Use already "finished" item

    -Best part comes last-

    To cut the entire story short, after we arrived and went toilet, I almost got pushed into the pool at MY OWN house. I tell ya, the wall, lamppost and railing was my best friend that night.

    Once I found a chance I ran away from the "hot zone".

    I'm SAFE!!!


    Jeff as usual started the "Fine la, friend like this, bla bla bla...".

    I still refuse to go into the pool despite of his taunting, I was telling him, "sorry la boss, hari ini tak nak......"

    THEN!!!! As they were closing on my back as if they wanted to call it a day and I still continue giving my excuse why I don't wan to get wet.

    BAM!! A piece of cake come out from NO WHERE and smash on to my face by Jeff!!

    "Happy birthday"~! And they ran as fast as they could... I cant chase them and "share my joy" cause the cake totally covered my eyes and glasses... -.-

    WHERE THE @#$% THE CAKE COME FROM LA?! Kan only you guys bought one and that has already been consumed???

    3 words.

    I GOT PUNK'D!!!


    Me and my friends did that to Chloe last year(different style) and now someone did it to me!

    3. Use already "finished" item - buy an extra cake just in case target manage to escape from midnight swim...

    What goes around comes around.

    Some one just had to get wet.

    Unsuspecting victim

    Sorry la David, Jeff was suppose to enter the pool, I guess something went wrong during the lure...

    So funny la, Jeff sat on the floor and hug the lamppost, refused to budge. Too bad I did not have the picture.

    Anyhow it was a fun & tiring day, it will be a day I will remember. =)

    Bottom: Chris & me, Up: Jeff, David & Sio Sen,
    Camera: Rebekah

    Wonderful day indeed. =D


    chLoe said...


    What u sow is wad u reap.


    in a good manner

    Happie bday again!
    lol...since itz a bday post.

    Andrew said...

    HAHAHA~ Serve you right! Cun-ted man, your new friends celebrate your bday!!

    lil sammie ♥ said...

    (: sounds fun tho ^^
    haha, but you had fun right ? (:

    Anonymous said...


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