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  • Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Kitchen Cutting Assessment

    One thing I really scared of is the lecturer not telling us in advance that on 'so-and-so' date got assessment.

    Such as today..

    Chef Tan: "Today I have good news for you guys, I'm gona test you guys on your cutting skills."

    Wonderful... =/

    We are given 20 min(ITS VERY SHORT!!) to complete the test, these were the areas Chef Tan tested us.

    1. Cut 1 carrot(minimize resource) into 2 different forms(maximize product output).

    • Julienne - "ju-lian" (3 marks)
    • Jardiniere - "jar-deen-air" (3 marks)
    2. Ciseler("see-sor-lair") the onion. (3 marks)

    This method reduces the "juice" that comes out from the onion when its being chopped,

    Therefore the cutting board will end up dry/semi-dry.

    3. Turning the potato. (3 marks)

    Carving the potato into a barrel shape so that it can roll on the pan during cooking proses.

    To prevent it from ending up like this.

    What happens when I "sau-te" non-barrel shaped potato =(

    And the test begins!

    The end result turns out to be worst then I expected.

    I din have time to turn my potato, my onion decided to "have an early break off", I forgotten how to cut the carrot at start. @.@

    "ju-lian" size not consistent and it could be cut into even thinner slice.

    2 marks out of 3

    "jar-din-air" on the other hand, looked retarded and not uniformed.

    Because I produce it using MelzKC's chopping style instead of the right cutting method.

    2 marks out of 3

    Talk about my onion! I feel very tulan-ted ok!

    I freaking slice that shit and it decided to break up before the appointed time!

    To make things worst, some broke up into big pieces instead of small ones! >:@

    Jeff(and other too I think) manage to pull it off by using traditional "Chinese chopping style", lucky la you!

    I should have done that too. =(

    1 mark out of 3

    Thats why my product output so little.

    Where are the other parts you asked?


    My potato the best, besides peeling the skin, I din manage to do anything to it.

    1 mark out of 3

    What a tragedy, but Chef Tan was kind enough to give us all who never even turn the potato 1 mark instead of 0.

    Maybe because we peeled the skin. =D

    Grand total: 6/12 (Will be converted into 30%, means I will only get 15% marks!) T.T

    The remains...

    I hope I'll never screw up my future assessment, if not I'm a dead man for sure.

    Anything to say or words of wisdom for share? =)


    cdason said...

    dude..some of your pictures are missing....

    lil sammie ♥ said...

    no worries, its ur first time (:
    so yeah, it'll be perfect soon

    Jeff said...

    hahaha u noob only larr dude.. not i lucky is i geng k!!! ahahahahhahaha!! jokin =p