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  • Wednesday, August 8, 2007

    Aaron's/Ace's Birthday Celebration At The Curve

    Happy Birthday Aaron!

    May there be many more happy birthdays to come in the future. ;)

    Just wana stitch up some part of what happen yesterday night, we went to Italiannies at The Curve.

    On the way there, SOMEBODY made a call to turn right instead of left into LDP.

    Off to Melacca we go! Thank goodness we got out of that mess.

    SOMEBODY haven pay our ass pain fee, leg pain fee and back pain fee. =P

    4 person squeeze at the back of a humble little Kancil is NOT a comfortable thing.

    I still have your "little confession" caught on my phone! *evil grins* We will hold on to that. XD

    Italiannies finally!

    This place is famous for authentic Italian food.

    I thought maybe 1 plate of food would cost around maybe RM 10 - 20, but..

    1 plate of spaghetti & meatballs would rip off half of my months breakfast & lunch. =(

    So we decided to share! My money is on their pizza!

    Sadly, I did not get to try anything else, maybe some other day.

    Some of the guys, Issac, Naz, Di and Juan

    Remember I wrote about French fine dining few post back? Their opener was a little bread with butter.

    Italian on the other hand.

    Some Italian style bread

    Dip with olive oil

    Personally, I prefer eating just the bread alone.

    Some other pictures, drinks and etc...

    Tabasco sauce

    The chili flakes, same as the Dominos one that
    I use on my rice

    Lime juice, not much taste unless u keep poking the lime

    This one its the Garfield like to eat wan,
    is it call Lagzania or something

    I forgot whats this. =P

    Nop, I din drink that night, these ain't mine. =)

    Normally we Malaysians tend to have a mind set "sapu semua! leave none behind! siapa cepat dia dapat!", I love the Italian concept when it comes to eating.

    Not much restaurant encourages sharing these days.

    Finally after waiting for some time.

    Classic style

    Smoked salmon style

    Heavenly! Absolutely heavenly!!!

    Here have a bite~

    At the end of our meal, its time for the birthday boy to cut the cake.

    Sorry once again, picture quality sux. =(

    And SOMEBODY decide to join in. =P

    Here is the video I took when Aaron got forced to stand on the chair, sadly the sound quality not that clear. =(

    Over all it was fun, the meal was fantastic!

    Damn the tax!!!

    Too fun & fantastic that is..

    But for authentic Italian food, I say its a good bargain, I recommend all Italian food lovers to try out that place at some point of time. =)

    I love going to The Curve, its a really nice place to chill out with friends.

    Going there is no problem, but coming back is another.

    This time instead of heading for Melacca, we took a wrong turn and drove towards Ipoh!

    Thank God for U-turns!

    No wonder that place is call The "Curve"...

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    cdason said...

    hmm.. your post makes me hungry man....

    that pasta and lasagna look really nice..