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  • Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    A Taste Of French Fine Dining

    Whats On My Mind:

    Me: So your staying at Metari Court, under Taylors?
    Mardiana: Yeah, but not under Taylors.
    Me: Owh, then you must be renting a room with friends..
    Mardiana: No, my parents bought one of the house for me.
    Me: !!!

    Imagine your walking into a fine ambiance restaurant, listening to French music, after a day of tiring class, with few friends plus a pretty girl/handsome guy(if you prefer) serving you some more.

    It all started out when Jeff received an SMS from his friend.

    "Monday want to be my friend's guest? Its a pretty girl.. Find at less 2 of your friends to go along ok?"

    That how David and I got into the scene to so call "save" Jeff's friend from being screwed by her lecturer for not having any friends to be turned into guest.

    Seniors preparing for the dinner service..
    I ate at the other restaurant, not this one..

    7:30pm, moment of truth, we walked into the restaurant Jeff was worried whether that 'pretty girl' is pretty or not therefore he wants me to do the talking.

    Waiter: "Yes, your server is?"
    Me: "Err.. Is Constance here?"
    Waiter: *Showing some hand signals towards the group of waiters*

    A girl with fair skin walked towards us. "Yes this was please." *Warm smile*

    Our table. The long cloth thing is a lap napkin.

    And you think French fine dining is only all about the food?

    If you do, your wrong! Take a look at this, you need to use the right tool for the right meal.

    Even the glass also got separation, for example for water and wine, both uses the different glass wan, don't play play...

    As some of you might know, in a Chinese restaurant, they serve peanuts before your meal comes.

    French style other wise.

    Eating this bun also need skill.. just to cut the bread into half so that you can put butter in also got problem...

    I don't know leh its the bread hard or the knife blunt, but I still manage to put some butter in anyway...

    Constance told us there are few type of drinks we could call as side order, and we decided to try 'pink guava',

    David who does not know what the heck is that, just told her to make it triple, only to regret it later.

    RM 3 per glass... And it taste not good... =/

    The starter came after some time.

    If you love cheese, this would make you droll..

    Can you feel its cheesiness? yummmm.... Such aroma... Say "ahhh"...

    I don't know how the heck they make it, I asked Constance only to get an answer that I can never digest.

    Me, someone who HATES cheese(except on pizza and burger), manage to finish this thing.

    As some of you who knows me, will be familiar that I cant finish anything with cheese on it,

    I would then throw the food away, including BLUEBERRY CHEESE CAKE!

    The host - Jeff

    Full time Vietnamese, 2 years Singaporean - David

    Opening a bottle of tap water "white wine".

    The star dish of the night which we were waiting for since the ice age, finally arrived!

    Some sea food cuisine.. So small portion but took freaking long to prepare...

    But very nice loh... =)

    Wan a bit? =D

    It took us less then 8 min to finish the entire plate.

    I not sure about this, I think its French style(one of it) to prepare the desert in front of the guest.

    Our pancake made with sugar, orange juice,
    some sweet stuff and rum(for the fire effect).

    They pour sugar like water lo...

    Now I know why Johor state is short of sugar...

    The fire effect that I was talking about.

    The final product.

    Super sweet, does not suit my state, but for those who loves sweet stuff, it will be great if you ever get to try.

    A cup of espresso for the finish, and off we go. -9:30pm-

    Last but not less.

    Thanks Constance for your hospitality, its been great meeting you, if got chance I'll invite you for our serving ok? =)

    Cheers people!

    So now, who wants to get invite for my serving? =P


    lil sammie ♥ said...

    cool, looks fun ;)

    d'Fish said...

    hey saw ure address in nuffnang... make money leh... ya ya we do it together.. just reading ure other post. keep blogging dude. but im not so kean on the food picture la...

    lets write more cool crapy stuff for our fun loving nonsence readers...

    cdason said...

    the waitress looks nice.. don't you think so?

    KA® said...

    LOL... i'd rather know the girl than eat the food there :)

    Prem said...

    hey... i was jus blog hopping... the food looks good... but the part on using the correct spoon and fork for eating dun really matter to me... cuz after all they say that the customer is always rite...

    but sure malu if i dunno which one to use for which....