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  • Sunday, July 22, 2007

    'Tailoring' Part 3

    I cant wait for tomorrow! To hell with boring introductions, bring on the big toys!

    Lessons starts tomorrow, wonder how it would be like.. Boring? Interesting? Dumb? Funny?

    Guess I would have to wait and see.

    Chef Tan's big suitcase, the heck he keep inside, chickens?

    Meanwhile, I shall tell you guys some other stuff that happen throughout the week.

    The Malaysian government has issued an ordain regarding all personals who are handling food, to get 'Typhoid' inoculation.

    I am not sure about those kopitiam and mamak stalls worker, but we as students have no other alternative.

    They jab the shoulder part, not here.
    *Illustration purpose only*


    David and I cant wait to get over it, we were the 1st few fellas to get in line and took the jab.

    David: "Its cool man, its cool."

    Me: "Rite... Its cool.." T.T

    No, my blood is not purple..

    There was a group of people acting so macho, talking crap, imitating pain as if they had already took the injection just to scare the girls,

    One guy even jokingly put his hand on his ass faking as if the nurse jab him there.

    No doubt it was entertaining chatting with these jokers,

    But what amuse me the most was when THEY are in line waiting for their turn, they don't look so jolly anymore. =P

    All "papaya face", looked so scared to death.

    Random statue within campus area.

    DH 28 group 2, our mentor-lecturer, Mr Alex Stephen. Quite a nice guy, but scary at times.

    He is the only lecturer that does not allow us to chew(chewing gum/sweets) things in class.. =/

    Mr Alex teaching David how to tie a tie.

    *Sigh* Who the heck came up with this tie thing anyway... =/

    There is only one thing I din like about the library, the locker keys.

    As we all can see, the locker number is 66.


    Now, how would I know...

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