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  • Sunday, July 1, 2007

    Arrival Of "The King"

    1st of all, I wana apologies for the lack of pictures, I was in a non-photography mood today.

    In this post I will use other photos for illustration purpose.


    *Sound of trumpets*

    "The King" a.k.a ShieN has return from the 'land of the kiwis'(New Zealand).

    And heck you forgot to bring me those mint sweets for the....... I cant remember times already!

    Now my only hope is Gwen... So Gwen! Don't forget them mint sweets k? =D

    Anyway, after church, a big group of us took off to Asia Cafe for a bite.

    It was then I done something rather stupid... =(

    -A conversation took place around the dinner table-

    "Eh, I DARE you to eat the XTRA spicy sausage, I will pay for you if you finish it."

    Melz: "Ok! You say wan ar, bring it on!"

    Being someone who embrace spicy food, I thought "how spicy can it be la?", must be some small fry stuff.

    It looked something like that... Cost RM 2 Per stick..

    After my 4th bite I felt nothing.

    I thought I had overcome yet another so call "VERY spicy food"...


    "Eh.. Bit spicy la, hmm.. not bad, starts to kick me a bit... Eh! Why the spiciness wont go away wan???!!! And its getting hotter every second!!!"

    SANTA MARIA!!! It STAYS on my tongue!!!

    That moment I so feel like doing this...

    My eyes were in tears weh... But I finished that stick like a brave man! *JJ! Next must try the SS2 wan!* =>

    You think I am exaggerating? Go have a bite for your self, then you know..

    After that episode of utter humiliation, I thought it cant get any worst..


    We left AC and head for "The King's" house palace at Bukit Jelutong.

    Chilling upon arrival, <<--JJ & Me-->>

    We soon came to mind "lets play monopoly!".

    A number of us sort of have a disadvantage starting of the game, cause Zhiyu keep sapu-ing all the land. =/

    *Light bulb appear on Melz's head*

    A "business plan" came to mind.

    By trading 1 of my train station for a light blue property with Zhiwei will enable me to own all 3 of the same types of land,

    Hence, I can earn more $$ when someone step on it

    OR they will have more chance to step on it, since the chances its 3 times normal if I own all 3 of the land.

    So freaking big chance to kena rite??? BUT they rarely step on any of my properties, even if they do, its before I build any houses/own less houses.

    And "The king" who owns 3 land only(1 is the expensive ones) end up winning 3rd place.

    Due to the
    "ong-ness"(luck) of THAT particular land...

    And Zhiwei started to prosper AFTER I trade that train station with him... Almost became richer then the bank...

    Allah~! When I hold the station no one wana step la... =/

    JJ went bankrupt 1st and followed by me... =(

    Overall it has been a fun day, will be looking forward to the next "house crashing". =D

    So who wana be my business partner?

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    Andrew said...

    Just like CNY Melz, just like CNY...........