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  • Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    'Tailoring' Part 1

    2 Days of class and I am struck with tiredness, especially my eyes due to girl scouting lack of sleep.

    Even though I slept at 10pm! I just could not find rest..

    Maybe I need some time to adjust my sleep hours after 7-8 months of sleeping late..

    On Monday we had 3 different class.

    One of the class was so funny, I felt as if I was back at kindergarten.

    *Lecturer took us to the mock up bath room*

    "Ok, this is the toilet unit, this is the water tank, this it the toilet seat, this is the inner rim of the bowl, the flush......"


    Well, there are some stuff I don't know, so learn quite a bit la.. =)

    Crap I am running out of time now,

    Let me finish this post by showing you a few pictures that I took during my kitchen tour today. =)

    And here is a comic I took from 'The Star' newspaper today.

    Enjoy, and sorry for the rush update, better quality update soon.

    1 comment:

    Andrew said...

    I saw that comic strip... LOL!! i like kee's world