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  • Wednesday, July 4, 2007

    System Failure

    Whats On My Mind:

    Have you ever said something that made you regret till you cant sleep soundly? Well, now I so feel like shoving my foot into my mouth to make sure this kinda thing wont happen again. =(

    *Melz wakes up one morning, and turns on the computer*

    Imagine yesterday, your computer was working just fine, whereas today you see this on your screen.

    Ain't computers wonderful?

    I have totally no idea what to do, but I got a flash thought of reformatting, unfortunately I have too many un-back up files for me to erase.

    I did something most people would do - restart the computer and hope things just pop back to normal.

    The "sound of music", PC version

    That was the last time I ever saw images on my monitor screen...

    Owh great... I started to restart the com rapidly, a stupid thing to do, but cant help it when your life is part of that piece of machine.

    Due to the main switch was hard for me to reach, what more going back and forth just to off-on it.

    I started to sweat just running up and down. =( So I came up with a brilliant plan.

    On and off the extension instead!

    Sadly all my efforts was in vain.

    SK told me there are 2 possibilities,

    1. Virus.
    2. Something within the CPU came off a little, maybe the RAM.

    And so when I came home, I done a little check on the RAM, taking it out and placing it back.

    Wallah~! Com came to life again~! =D


    Andrew said...

    tsk tsk... dusty CPU

    SK said...

    dei chong, dusty cpy to a certain extent is good wei, reduces dmg from lightning strike if it strikes ur house (no wonder my old cpu like beyond godlike..lol. 7 years didnt clean XD)

    chLoe said...

    so have u swallowed ur foot yet?