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  • Saturday, July 28, 2007

    Orientation Dinner Night

    So sorry people! I cant write much about this, due to lack of pictures.

    I don't know how to explain this phenomena, but meee~ Does not feel like taking pictures! Something is not right... =(

    Maybe its my shit hair la, stupid stylist cut till made me looked like a baboon, spoil my day! =(

    No wonder the phrase 'bad hair day' exist, now I believe it.

    Tell me la, do you see a difference?!?! Other then the color...

    Let me just sum up the night in few lines.

    Food - Too many people, food finish too fast, therefore I R hungry...

    Performance - I only like the part where the student council cross dress and dance, it was so freaking funny. As for the others, nothing special/new.

    Crowd - Not much people participate. According to ace, this time round lesser people.

    Tell you guys something funny la, as some of you know,

    I got a humble Olympus camera which served me well up to this point of time.

    I know quite a number of people bring along their cam on the night,

    And normally ladies would bring their small slim camera to keep in their begs,

    Like these..

    BUT what I did not expect is the type of camera that Clarissa brought.

    Not this camera, but these type.
    *Illustration purpose only*

    =O A big fat SLR camera!

    It kicked my humble little Olympus camera so hard, I hid it inside my pocket for the entire night.

    Damn! I wan my SLR camera too! =/

    Anyway, here are the few pictures I manage to take during the night. =)

    Me and the half Korean - Asher from Subang

    Musa from Swaziland Africa

    Samantha and Aaron a.k.a ace(sorry dude, got the 'red eye effect' on picture)

    Last but not least, my favorite picture~


    The court jester baboon and the fairy princess - Clarissa

    Cbox and comment box is open for spamming. =)


    Andrew said...

    Nice girl ;) and jacket! haha...

    Jin said...

    So that's the Korean princess. When are you going to introduce her to us? ;)

    Parkiez [Asher] said...

    CLARISSA IS MINE!! SOME MORE I HELP U GET THAT PIC, but u realize.. she wanted tAke pic with me first, hahaha!!!

    chLoe said...






    faham faham...

    cdason said...

    Your pictures seem blur bro..

    but the bad hair day thingy really seems to be a right definition..hehhe