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  • Sunday, July 15, 2007

    Chinese Parenting Style That I will Never Understand

    An hour ago, "The King" a.k.a ShieN board a flight back to New Zealand(NZ).

    See you next time round, don't you dare forget to bring my mints! XD

    Note to Gwen: Whats the date your arriving M'sia?

    ShieN, Zhiyu, Zhiwei and Me
    leaning against Mike's car

    Last game at SS 15 Inferno Cafe..


    Sometimes parents, especially Chinese parents I would say, embrace a certain art of "encouraging" their kids.

    Such as calling their kids
    "see la you so STUPID" or something related to the inadequacy of the brain as a form of "encouragement".

    Literal meaning: Listen talk kid
    Real meaning: An obedient kid

    Initially use to make us FEEL BAD and change for the better.


    Parents tend to act out what they say all the time sometimes..


    "Don't eat, hair dye"

    @#$% !!!

    I might not be very smart, but I am certainly not a retard! -.-

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