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  • Wednesday, June 27, 2007

    Cat Eat Grass!

    Today I witness something I had never seen before.

    My entry title has spoken on my behalf, I don't know you guys think this is normal or whatever,

    As for me, I NEVER in my life seen any cats eat grass before.

    Yes, you can call me a 'jakun'.

    Anyway, here is one of the pictures I took, mind me its blur, I cant get too near the cats or they will run away.

    According to Chong, cats(or certain animals) eat grass cause they are not feeling well, by consuming grass, it induces them to vomit, hence making the cat feel better.

    Is that the right explanation?

    Suddenly I got an idea, why not I shoot a video of it so I can upload on my blog?

    In fact I did just that.

    I was trying to imitate Steve Irwin.

    But there was something I din expect will happen...

    (Turn on your speaker REALLY LOUD to have maximum effect, and wait till your download FINISH only watch.)



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    lolx, sesat dei