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  • Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    Lets Make History

    My constipation days are coming to an end very soon, 9 more days!

    Let me explain a little here for those who does not know what am I going through.

    I'm joining a short film making competition organized by BMW, the theme of the movie is 'H2O' a.k.a water.

    I have been thinking how to go about this theme.

    At the end, I came up with an idea of illustrating 'water' as 'tears'.

    The entire film will be a 'narration-come-music video'.

    I shall not be a spoiler, wait till its done and you all shall be able to watch! =D

    Guaranty wont be like that film - 'Bukit Kepong'
    which I have to watch during BM class...

    I hope really that in this 9 days(including today), we will be able to finish music composition, film poster design, finalizing story board and shooting the film.

    Its gona be a ride of year 2008 for me, its just the early part of the year.

    I'm looking towards a great 2008! =D

    Wish me & my team the best~ ;)

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