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  • Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    Malaysian Moment

    BMW short film competition closing date is just 2 days more, officially I wont be able to enter it.... ='(

    Due to the on holding of the music composition process for a certain reason, therefore this project has to be scraped away...

    But its not the end of it yet, despite unable to enter the competition, I'll still go on to complete it, I shall not let our hard work gone to waste, maybe I will enter this artwork into a different competition if had the chance. =)

    So Zhiyu, after your friend has done the music, pass it to me, we shall roll the camera~! =D

    Even though ideas come late, but better then never. =D

    Anyway, I shall keep todays post short.

    Another typical Malaysian moment caught by my camera.

    I know la green means go, but by positioning your car in front of the green grass doesn't mean you can go leh...

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