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  • Wednesday, March 5, 2008

    Rhythm of My Heart

    The clock is ticking, and ticking fast.

    Sometimes I wish that clocks can move anticlockwise.

    Or time could be purchased.

    Including today...

    Ideas has been flowing in from everyone around me, input after input, no doubt the ideas were great.

    But I could not grasp hold of them..

    My vision ahead was blur.. The ideas are awesome at nature, I so wish I can visualize it into a short film, but I couldn't...

    I went to college just as any other day, I arrived early today, walked myself to the mamak to have breakfast.

    The song by Santana & Chad Kroeger(Nickelback) kept playing over and over again in my head.


    I felt something as hard as the piano falling on my head!

    Its call idea!

    Just a brief background on what all this is about, I'm joining a short film competition, and the theme if the 20 minute max clip is - H2O a.k.a water.

    So much H2O~

    I'm too energetic and excited to put these all in words!!! Keep your eyes out & popping! The film is coming to past soon!

    Sorry, today short post, I'm working on writing the story, trying to draw story board, lyric writing & constant brainstorming with a freaking pain on my right side neck(slept with a wrong position)!!

    I've asked 2 of my friends, Vivian and Zhiyu to help compose the song! Friday! FRIDAY!

    We are gona rock baybeh!

    Legendary godlike guitarist - Santana
    Not Santa Claus...

    Pray for our success!

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