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  • Saturday, March 29, 2008

    Over Burning The Midnight Oil

    Whats On My Mind:

    Due to miss communications within Genting management itself, we were all rejected for the training up there, so...
    Good bye Genting, hello Sheraton Subang.
    Good bye term 3, hello industrial training.

    I'm so sorry for not updating for almost 5 days, I wasn't able to sit at home to blog, 1st year finals was a little mixture of craziness, tiredness, sadness and joy.

    Genting never reject anyone before, only people withdraw.
    This is the 1st time Genting rejected the entire batch...

    I stayed over at Ridzuan condominium at Fandi's place for this week, besides traveling back to restock my new supply of cloth and eat, I barely can catch my own breath.

    There were 3 papers(4 for me, Bahasa Kebangsaan A) we had to sit over 3 days, 'Hospitality Operations', Language & Communication' and 'Management tools'.

    The problem was each paper contains more then FOUR subjects, HO has around 10 combined sections, MT has 4,

    Which consist of the foulest subject by the name of accounts and business math which I left it blank.

    My term 2 accounts assessment paper,
    yes I wrote this and passed it up...

    Everything is over and I'm very thankful and glad!! I wonder, how in the world I survived through this, I haven been having good night sleep(4 hours +-) this week, I'm sure all of u also..

    Furthermore constant cramming of everything into my head in such short time, gila anjing I tell you...

    We studied, talk and even did some really random things within this period of time, here is one of it.

    Yesterday(Thursday) Fandi wasn't feeling quite well, therefore I could not stay over his place for studies, instead I went over Christopher's place, but I drove there, so I din stay over.

    We were preparing for our 'Management Tools' paper, which so happen the things we studied never came out!

    Chris drew this during 1 of the statistic classes,
    I admire the art, forget the meaning k, we all know... =)

    Anyway, Chris & I studied till almost 1AM if I'm not mistaken, tiredness and laziness hunger was the main factor we stopped, head over to McD around Mentari business center.

    Suddenly the both of us don't felt like eating McD for some reason, we thought and thought of places that we could go, at that time I just blurt out "nah, we cant go eat banana leaf at Bangsar at this hour man..."

    Chris was like "come lets go la! I feel like eating banana leaf suddenly.", I gave him that stare and asked "you serious? its 1AM++ in the morning... heck lets go anyway!"

    Study? I guess not...

    Of cause la, I phoned Aaron just before we left to ask if the place is closed, he told me 3AM but not sure about it.

    Come on, we are talking about 2 very tired, hungry and on the edge of crazy randomness mood person by the name of Melvin & Chris, anything can happen, hence we went.

    I was surprised that at 1AM++ in the morning they still serve banana leaf rice!!! Don't you just love Malaysia when it comes to food? =P

    The clock hit 2AM, the banana leaf rice shop(Nirwana) was closing by then, we finished just in time and depart.

    We left the shop, but not Bangsar just yet, a suddenness came and I felt like taking Chris on a tour around Bangsar at 2AM+ in the morning, you see what I mean by "anything can happen"..?

    "The street is mine!" =D I've never parked right in front of
    the shop before, cause normal time its jam packed.. =(

    We went to places like my former school(SMK Bukit Bandaraya), other spots around Bangsar, the place where I used to live, but my uncle shifted out, so I tipu the guard with the unit number that I still remember to get in. =P

    Went pass that famous haunted house we used to talk about back in those days, orang Bangsar pasti tahu. =P *winks* Yes, we were that random, but Chris was from Kuching, so its ok la.

    I reached home at 2.30AM, fell asleep approximately 3AM. Talk about year end exam, people never sleep for nights to study, just look at us...

    There is an Indonesian phrase that perfectly describe the both of us.

    This was how I practice my statistic,
    draw the graft on a non-graft paper...

    Calon gagal - a person that sure fail

    Indeed... For 'Management Tools' paper only la. =D

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