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  • Sunday, March 16, 2008

    Operation Sabotage - Target: Doreen

    The word birthday and sabotage has a close relationship with each other since the dawn of wipe cream and swimming pool, there cant be one without another.

    Its not the case every time, but if you have 2 over energetic house mates whom are extremist when it comes to birthday sabotaging and doesn't mind flooding the entire house, thats a whole other story.

    Alice, Doreen & Ting

    Tagging along with the plot was Fandi and I.

    Initially, we plan to messed up the house to create a 'robbery' scene.

    1st, break into Doreen's room to hide away her laptop, hand phone and guitar.

    2nd, mess up the things around the house.

    3rd, prepare a bowl of something "special" which I forgot what was it made of.


    She came home! We weren't prepared for her return, the person that was suppose to report her movement forgot to inform us that they were on the way back!

    We were halfway messing up the house, it lead us no choice but to run and hide somewhere, I rushed towards the main power supply and turned the entire thing off.

    Clearly, the plan was totally busted, but she has no clue what was going on.

    "hair care solution"

    What happens when your caught in between
    a crossfire...

    I hid myself with Ting at the drying area, and of all places, she went there 1st...

    I see her she see me, I just stood there and say "halo" loh... Come on, what else can I do? Caught read handed already... I guess she was confused as well.

    Alice then came from the back and "boooo!", so much for surprising.

    I tell you, this was the craziest indoor sabotage I've been in...

    Picture courtesy by Claire

    Small part of the hall area and the entire kitchen was filled with water.

    Click on the blue words below to watch video

    She was given a hair care treatment.

    Forced to run 2 rounds outside of her house while Alice does a monolog behind the camera.

    Finally a birthday blessing from the heart.

    At the end of the day, we guys went home, and girls clean the house~ =P

    Definitely one sabotage that I will never forget.

    Whats your sabotaging or sabotaged moment? =D

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