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  • Sunday, March 2, 2008

    Iron Chef

    I just realize I have not been posting much about kitchen class this term..

    So I've decided to put up a little bit, sharing is caring rite? =D

    Cut tomato till I scared ah...

    Surprisingly for the 1st time since term 1, I finally went into kitchen class knowing what to do, I read the 'fich technique' before kitchen class, thats why! =P


    Yes, for the past 2 terms, I was like a blur sotong walking in every class just expecting the food to magically being prepared.


    1 way or another, Jeff & I made quite a team, even though he feel like killing me and I feel like killing him sometimes. =P

    Baked Fish!

    In fact, I think we did pretty well, no matter how chaotic the condition, somehow we will still manage to pull it through.

    The sauce for the fish

    Our 2 favorite phrase "are you sure? This its the point of no return!", said upon not knowing we will either break or make something.

    Restaurant staff curi makan!(we do the same also) =P

    1st used back at term 1, we knew Chef Tan loves butter, and we used butter to fry the green veg(cant find the cooking oil) not knowing what will turn up, in the end, we got 5/5 points. =)

    Sinfully delicious pastries from the pastry kitchen!

    And I declare the same phrase again by rubbing butter on our 'soon-to-be-fries', the surface was coated with butter before the deep frying process.

    De-bone the lamb shoulder..

    Magic don't work sometimes... We burned the fries and ended up getting 3/5... So much for "bribing" Chef Tan's tongue. =(

    The bone..

    2nd favorite phrase, which I used when I get frustrated, "don't care la, now I shall do it the "Melvin cooking style"!", 1st used back at term 2, but I cant remember how it started.

    De-boned! =D

    All I remember was I was darn upset that I cant perform the "French way" of cooking, therefore I did my way, and the food turn up to be nice! =D

    But got a hole in the middle... =(

    Term 3 toned down quite a lot, kitchen wasn't that exciting as it used to be, now everything is quite rushed because our lecturer Chef Shari is a bum...

    Seasoning is about the feeling! =D

    Production wise is better then term 2, therefore we have lots of free time, we even have time to stand around and look busy(if not lecturer will ask us to do stuff).

    Process of making sauce

    But learning wise..

    I "light-fry" it to keep my lamb portion warm,
    this is 1 of "Melvin's cooking style"...

    Nil, I feel like a factory, being asked to cook so that the guest can eat and we can go home..

    The veg mix the lamb sauce

    I personally like the free time we have things are quite chilled at the end, but I hate it when we learn nothing, I think both of these areas should be balance.

    I forgot what is this called.. =(

    Tomorrow will be my last kitchen class for the term..

    I hope things will be fun & work out well. =)

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    Leola said...

    Keep up the good work.