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  • Sunday, June 17, 2007

    Lepak Lepak Go Go Go!

    On Thursday, JJ, Sara & I decided to lepak around KL for fun, since my college will be starting soon.

    I wana spend my time doing something rather then sitting at home all the time.

    And so! We stopped by Bangsars Nirwana for the fabulous banana leaf rice.

    Nasi briyani banana leaf, something new

    Its so filling till JJ could not take it anymore.

    Mabuk nasi...

    Soon after we are done, I brought them to BV 1 & 2 just to look see look see.

    Remember those funny T-shirts that I posted sometime ago?

    Well here are more just for laughs.

    Despite of all the humor, there is this one thing beyond my logic.

    Ace told me there is a sign in Bangsar LRT station which stands out from all others.

    Honestly, I wonder which retarded fool stated the caption below this sign.

    What the hell is "No Swing Gum"??

    1 comment:

    Andrew said...

    OMG, those shirts are so cool! especially the astro part. Damn true..