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  • Sunday, June 10, 2007

    Highland Of Milk And Honey Part 2

    So here we are, part 2.

    A little more interesting then before.

    Who the heck flushes pampers down the toilet?? -.-"

    Alright, I shall start off with my visitation to the flower factory(or whatever they call it) at Kampung Raja.

    If you wana buy cold fresh flowers for your love ones, this is the place to be.

    The entrance to the factory

    I notice some flowers are placed in a big refrigerator and some are not, maybe different flowers need different temperature to be fresh?

    -Within the big fridge-

    No wonder roses are naturally more expensive, they even used special brown paper to wrap them, unlike others which they used news paper.

    -Outside the big fridge-

    (I zoom the camera towards the flower, thats why no news paper could be seen.)

    I saw an amusing calender along the way out from the factory.

    Hence, ended another flowery episode.

    I know some of you are asked me "why only flowers wan?". Not to worry, those are the last.

    Anyway, touring around Cameron Highlands could not be complete without eating strawberries, rite?

    Well... In my case was sucking strawberries.

    Personally I dislike strawberries because the ones I ate are always sour, but in this case it could never go wrong because its "honey strawberries".

    If you ever come across these in Camerons, I recommend to give it a try, its good till the very last drop.

    *Buzz~ buzz~ buzzzzz~! ^pengsan^*

    Yes I DISLIKE bees.

    I aways ran as far & as fast as I could if I ever encounter ONE bee.

    This was what kept me from getting more holes on my face.

    That was the closest ever I been near a bee hive(riped out bee hive).

    Who likes eating veggies?

    I hate em..

    I thought I could pull them out from their sleep and make fun of how ugly and fat they look.

    Not I pull wan... Some uncle did.

    Sadly mine looks normal. =( But this is a little too much. I can't laugh or even cry...

    Random photo

    The moon was so big, like that Chinese festival, can't remember the name.

    Another famous landmark I been to was the tea plantation.

    I couldn't help but buy my self a cup of RM 3 ice lemon tea. The only difference was its much thicker then normal ones in Subang/KL.

    Last but not less.

    No I din try it, its because I hate cheese cakes & dislike strawberries, 2 in 1 wan me puke meh...

    Now, wipe those saliva off your mouth. =)

    Cameron Highlands are not only about flowers, veggies or tea. They do have civilization build on these high grounds.

    I was walking around the small town of Tanah Rata.

    Heck! They could even show how scientific & technologically advance their little town are.

    DNA shape street light ar! Dun play play...

    Despite of the nice nice things in Cameron, there are few things I find it quite stupid and annoying.


    Such as stuck in a jam for almost THREE HOURS! Due to pasar malam that starts at 4pm(if not mistaken)...

    Freaking pathetically sad... Plus, when nature calls... Your finish... =/


    Why is Cameron got so many freaking flies???

    They are EVERYWHERE... Leaving you food untended is a very dangerous thing to do up there.


    Rubbish piles are seen overflowing from their bins.

    Along the road

    Opposite restaurants

    Near housing areas

    DNA shaped street lights can't bring up their image if these habits still goes on.

    On the last day, we left Cameron for Lata Kinjang(near Kampar I think) on the way home.

    We were told there was a waterfall near by.

    What a beauty of nature.

    Woot! That brings an end to this long entry. Hope you guys enjoy looking at those pictures.

    So now, Cameron anyone? But need to drive up only can tour many place. =D

    Till then, take care. =)

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