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  • Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    Samantha's Birthday Outing

    What a wonderful Saturday morning!

    Expecting it will be a great day ahead!

    Its the day I will be registering into Taylors college, taking up 'Hotel Management'.

    And I was looking forward to hang out with the entire SJ gang, celebrating Samantha's birthday.

    As I took the 1st step out my house door, to my horror!

    Blardy cat gave me a door gift!!

    To make things worst, I had to clean it up... =/


    Never mind la, clean then clean la.

    But leh, as I was trying to fling(using a news paper) the shit out of my house.

    Some odd property that the cat shit possessed made it able to absorb my strength and some part hijacked itself.

    Great job Melz... Now its on the wall, the more I tried to get it off, the patch gets bigger. =/

    Screw it! I clean the remaining shit within the house, and take my leave, cause I was kinda late.

    There are still stains which are hard to clear till today!

    Why are cat shits so freaking hard to clean?!?!?

    I am so gona murder it...


    Anyway, I went Taylors and registered myself. Now I am officially a Taylorian(is this what they call them selfs?).

    A sample of French fine dinning,
    I think I am gona learn to do these someday

    I do not have to worry mum pull the plug on me again. =)


    After church, we went over Baskin Robbins in Taipan.

    (Sara took most of the pictures.)

    It cost me RM 13++, but it all comes to worth after the 1st bite

    Zhiwei happy digging his ice cream

    I had never seen Shing Queen looked so serious b4,
    and Mike showing the "whatever face"...


    Note to Samantha: Hope you had fun. =)

    That up for the day, so who's birthday coming up next?? ;)

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