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  • Friday, June 22, 2007

    Sick & Sad

    Two days ago, my throat wasn't feeling quite well, so I open the fridge.

    It wont do me any good in this condition... =(

    -Asking Mum are there any other cough mixture-

    Me: "Got anymore of these ar?"

    Mum: "Don't have already, who ask you finish din tell me? Maybe you can try those new life product."


    I don't know how to explain to you guys what new life products are, cause they have TOO MANY so call "benefits".

    Just take a look.

    1st up, the
    'Apple Cider Vinegar'.

    As soon as I open the cover, smells of acidic doom floods my nose.


    I had to mix it with a little water before gurgling it, still the acid taste was so strong, tears began to flow from my eyes, I thought my throat was gona melt..

    Its that bad I tell you. =(

    Mum drinks(mix with water) it every morning. @.@

    Next, the

    I am suppose to put this into my water.

    Nothing much about this, it just made my water taste weird.

    Lucky, the next 2 item are the best, they taste so much more better, in fact they taste good.

    Introducing the
    'Immu Flora' and the 'Manuka Honey'.

    I was told my friends sister took 7 tiny packs(the stick like thing) of these and her 'lou sai' stoped.

    The best of the best honey ever. =)

    It just ain't gona end there, I was hungry that night, but...

    Oh dear... =(

    I cant be going out to buy food at this time, no shops would be open...

    It came to mind that mum stock up some instant noodles.

    But she always buy those spicy flavors, FAT CHANCE there would be any non-spicy ones.

    Heck I gave it a shot anyway, no harm just to take a look, maybe by chance got leh...

    Its a miracle! =D

    U-dong soup anyone? =)


    Andrew said...

    aww.... deli

    Samantha Low Mae Lynn said...

    lolz ! so funny la u ;P
    love ur maggie. yum yum X)