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  • Monday, June 25, 2007

    Caroline Lufkin Live In KL

    If you are wondering who Caroline Lufkin is, don't worry you are not alone, because I din knew who she was till Saturday.

    It all started out when Jin asked me whether would I wana join him to attend 'Caroline Lufkin live in KL' at KLpac(KL performing arts center) Sentul Park.

    Since I got nothing better to do, I thought "why not?" despite I don't know who the heck is Caroline Lufkin, besides its just RM 27 for the ticket entry..

    -Few days before the gig at KLpac-
    (Eh Jin, and MAYBE Nikki.A too, dun angry k! Gona be VERY sarcastic from this point and beyond. =P)

    Jin uploaded a particular song titled "Where's My Love" sang by Caroline. I downloaded it but never listen to it till few days before the gig.

    *Melz turn on windows media player*

    @.@" >> X.X"

    I wanted to shove pencils into both my ear!!

    I cant believe I am gona hear her sing live, I fear I cant make it out alive...

    Never mind, never mind... Promise ledi ma, have to go watch lo...

    THEN LEH~!

    I saw her photo that Jin uploaded.

    !@#$# $%^* #(*@*^

    Reminds me of someone....

    Somebody blind me!!

    Now I got to listen to an "albino zombie" sing... There was nothing I could do to "save" myself, and so the big night came.

    -During the gig-

    Entrance to hell(KLpac)...
    (Ok la, it wasn't that bad, but remember I said its gona be sarcastic. =P)

    Here are few photos of the place.

    A counter that you can buy her album which according to Jin, cannot be found in Malaysia, titled "Murmurs".

    "This picture must be photoshop wan, thats why no zombie.."

    9 of her songs for RM 40. Jin bought it even he has all her songs downloaded, true fan indeed. =)

    The heck, they only sell Tiger beer cause they are the event sponsor, where are the other drinks...? =/

    As we were walking up the stairs, we could hear Caroline's voice beyond those wall, the 1st show was being held in there.

    2nd show starts at 10:30pm.

    Somehow, upon hearing those songs from outside, it doesn't seems to irritate my ears as much as I heard it at home..


    Finally doors open, the crow before us came out, jam packing the entire place.

    Smells of beer flood the air around us.

    I was pretty surprise there were so many people!

    Soon after that they usher in the 2nd batch of enthusiastic audience. By the way there were no chairs, so all of us were standing when we enter.

    "Shit weh, I know la its only RM 27, don't tell me we have to stand watching her meh cause of the little amount we pay."

    Me and Jin stood on the 2nd row, right in front of her some more, you say this is "lucky" or not?

    The host of the night came in and ask all of us to sit on the floor. *sigh* Reminds me of the early Monday morning perhimpunan back in school.

    After the usual hyping done by the host, a rather unfamiliar woman came on stage,

    I din know who she was until the crow started the "woahhhhhhhhhhh!" and the host said "ladies and gentleman, Caroline Lufkin!".

    *Melz eye pops out, and could not believe what he just saw!*

    Omgosh! Its Caroline!

    "Eh!?!? Why she not zombie like wan ar?"

    The clearest and nicest photo of her that I took out of 75,
    what to do phone camera ma... Night mood some more, lagi sui eh...

    Omgosh, she looked like an angel~!

    The night ended with her singing 11(I think) songs.

    When she left the stage, the crowd started the "we want more!" cheer.

    To my surprise, Caroline came back up stage to do another song!! Everyone loved it.

    -After the gig-

    I was rather impress with her looks because she does not look like an "albino zombie" amazing high pitch voice.

    I cant deny that she is unique in her own way unlike any other singer/band that I listen to.

    This show has broaden my views on music, something new was introduced.

    The dude beside her is Jay, Caroline's band mate,
    he is the one who makes those loud noise

    Even though she wont be my favorite singer, but her songs would be on my play list. If it weren't for me to see her live, I doubt that even to happen.

    Yes I know I should not have stereotyped her in the first place, but cant help it la after looking at THAT picture, it just adds oil onto fire.

    Jin send me the source where he found THAT picture, but I found this.

    DEI! Cant you just upload this wan instead of the other?? This is so much better, looked more like her...

    Anyhow, thanks for inviting me, I never regret going for it. ;)

    For bonus, I did a little survey with 3 of my friends, SK, Nikki.Y and Emica.

    Nikki.Y and Emica din really like it, but SK on the other hand...

    "Wow! Doesn't sound studio made, I like the traditional technical theme, her supine voice quite nice, I like it, very calming, feel so serene, the way she nyanyi like those lame emo songs but her voice damn chun, not some pathetic rough screams."

    Out of picture to put ledi, so... =P

    Anyway here are 2 things I din like about the gig:

    1.Caroline keep on closing her eyes when I wanted to snap her picture, ALL the picture her eyes are closed or eyes don't know look where or picture blur. =/

    2.Blardy laptop always block her, a lot of picture only can see her head.

    Dinner before performance - RM6.80

    Petrol fee down to KL - RM8.00

    Tickets to Caroline Lufkin live in KL - RM27.00

    Her unable to find album in Malaysia - RM40.00

    To only knew your camera suffer from battery leakage before performance - Priceless

    And to have a friend with a camera phone ever stand by - Even more priceless =P

    Was just poking fun there. =D

    Alright here is the 3rd video that I took, IF AND ONLY IF you can stand bad sound quality, then go ahead and watch, other wise I advise you not to..

    For 1st video click ~ Here ~

    For 2nd video click ~ Here ~

    For sample of her songs, that don't know where to get...

    Utada Hikaru... When you gona come Malaysia... =/


    Andrew said...

    Oh god, DAMN TRUE about the michael jacson thing man!

    Jin said...

    WTF. I must be the only blind person who can't see the comparison of that pic of her with Michael Jackson. And I'm glad I'm blind to it.

    SK said...

    Huh? Other than her face shape that resembles MJ, I dont see any other diff O.o.

    And I still find her voice nice O.o, abt music, if u dont like it then it'll explain why u dont like the techno musics in touhou =p

    Andrew said...

    WAIT WAIT... the she with the red background reminds me of PUTERI GUNONG LEDANG!!! OMG!!

    LKT said...

    Where I can buy this album in Malaysia?

    MelzKC said...

    I dont think you can buy the album in m'sia. =( by the way, you are...?

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