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  • Thursday, June 7, 2007

    Highland Of Milk And Honey Part 1

    Warning: Muather-loaded pictures, beware of internet speed suck up.

    Bonjour les gens!(Hello people!)

    Well Cameron is not exactly fill with milk and honey, but more of flora and fauna.

    Anyway, I break this post into two parts because there are too many pictures I have to upload. So I will do less talking and more picture showing.

    Sit back and enjoy. =)

    These are pictures of plants I took from various places I visited.

    Note: Not all pictures are taken in the same place, its pretty mixed up.

    This place(and others too) are truly a heaven for those of you who loved plants.

    I din know strawberry plant looked like this, I thought its on a small tree or something like that.

    Some really nice flowers.

    Its suppose to be blue but when I took its picture it turns purple...

    This one its also blue... Oh well, purple looks nice too. =)

    To Nikki.A: Are these the plants your talking about? They don't look like rose to me.

    Cactus anyone? It come in all different colors other then green.

    -Red & Red mix yellow-

    -Orange mix Red mix Yellow-


    -Dark Purple mix Dark Pink-


    -Yellow mix Green-

    Last but not less.

    -MoNsTeR Cactus-

    Let me clear up one thing, every freaking plant u see in Camerons, its always bigger then the ones u normally see in city.

    Such as these...

    Our national flower, more then twice its normal size with different colors.

    Starring the biasa punya merah.

    Kurang biasa punya putih.

    Dan yang tak pernah aku lihat punya 'Kuning campur Ungu' & 'Oren Keemasan'

    More nice nice flowers~! Rose and something which I don't know.

    Over size plants.

    -Normal size-

    -Over size-

    -Normal Size-

    -Over size-

    -Normal size-

    -Over size-

    -Normal size-

    -Over size-

    Next up, some funky looking plants.

    Pink leafs...

    What the heck is this?

    This is my favorite.

    Lame joke 101: What does a florist do to insults the other florist who's business is better then his?

    Answer: Plant a cactus and make sure it grows into the shape of a middle finger.

    Their conversation gona sound something like this.

    Florist A: Oi! *shows cactus* u! Why steal my business? U think u big *shows cactus* is it? Take your business and *shows cactus* off somewhere else!

    Florst B: *shows cactus* u la! You do business I can't do ar? I don't give a *shows cactus* to your threats man! Don't like ar? Then come *shows cactus* my place up la!

    Hmm.. I don't wan to know...

    -After countless hours in the car-

    This was where I lepak for the 3 days.

    Out side view

    The hall


    My bed room

    Balcony view

    The place was pretty much run down, but consider not bad compare to some other place I been to.

    Alright! I am done for part 1, will be doing part 2 soon, it will be more to my visitation, likes and dislikes about Cameron Highland.

    Stay tune. =)

    1 comment:

    Andrew said...

    Oh god, those cacti are so obseen.... great shot!