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  • Saturday, April 19, 2008

    People That I Will Never Understand

    I shall start off with this:

    Kak Ida: "Aduh, kaki kakak gatal". (ahh, my legs are itchy)
    Me: "Kenapa gitu?" (how come?)
    Kak Ida: "Tak tau, mungkin kakak gatal?" (don't know, maybe because I'm horny)
    *both laugh*

    My legs are officially immune to the pain of standing for long hours, but still it gets tired la, just that I am still able to walk. =)

    My work at 'Piano Lounge' was made even more difficult, I don't know how to type it out short, but here goes..

    A film crew came and do a shot at Sheraton Subang..

    I hate to put up with your fake smile and your dumb question of "how are you?" everyday I meet you at work, while I surely answer you reluctantly with "I'm fine thank you"...

    I hate the fact that you all keep asking me "are you ok?" when you don't care if I'm really ok, I still have to press on regardless of what I answer.

    I hate the fact that I still see your face even though I switch to morning shift with my other trainee friend on Friday, darn I thought I wont see you because your suppose to work night!

    I hate the face that you wana rob me off my tip by asking me to make drinks instead of sending the bill to the guest, 3 times I remembered

    I laugh at you because you fail to rob me all 3 times, guest refuse to give you the tip even though he paid by cash, guest pay via credit card, guest transfer the charges to his room.

    I hate the face that I have to guess if your a hypocrite in front of me, your words are like honey but to me, its smelly...

    I hate the face that your touchy, regardless of guy or girl, you love to touch, for what reason, I'll never know, gatal(horny) perhaps?

    I hate the face that your racist, you whisper to your fellow friends "kalau Cina, hantam kepala sahaja"(if Chinese, just hit the head), I wasn't far from you, moreover I'm not deft.

    All of the above are dedicated to the 3 guy bartenders.

    Look at this picture carefully..

    Alright, lets talk about something else, I have a story that I really wana share here.

    On Tuesday night if I'm not mistaken, I was walking around doing my routine job of collecting the candles.

    I saw a white guy waving at me using his book, I walked to wards him, as I was nearing him, he threw the book on the sofa and displayed an angry face.

    In my heart I knew it means bad news for me...

    I went there and as usual I asked "Can I help you sir".

    Only to be shot back with "Sit down!"...

    *Melz sit down*

    "You know who am I rite?"
    "Yes sir.."(who the hell are you?)
    "Why does it take you so long to come serve me?!"( there were drinks on the table already) "I just wan a blardy coke and a warm water for this lady here!"
    "Sorry sir I will get your drinks ready.."
    "No no no! I don't wan to hear your sorry, call Mr.Shake(the assistant manager) here I wan to see him!"
    "Alright sir.."

    He was the band manager of a particular Filipino 3 girls band which perform every night at the lounge.

    Screw you, who you think you are? Band manager means your balls very big ah?

    Besides, who ask you to sit so far away, people here collecting candles and there you are waving you hand while you know I cant see you, bodoh! goblok! anjing! Jambu!

    Notice something different? :p

    I told Mr.Shake about it, "sir I think that guest wants you to screw me up."

    "Har? Let me check with him.", he went over.

    Few minutes passed, he came back, I saw his eyes a little red, like gona cry.

    I ask him "sir how? what that fella say?"

    He answered, "I kena F**K kao kao".

    1st time I heard Mr.Shake cursed, the worst he said was "babi punya orang", but this is really bad... =/

    Aduh, it wasn't even my fault, because of this, both of us have to get screwed by that band manager... Bugger no patience, what can we do, guest is always right...

    In memories of Alice's "bunga tahi ayam"...

    Look at the bright side, I learned something from every shit that happened, from this I learn something known as 'recovery', once guest angry, refill his drinks clean his table and etc..

    To all out there training, stand strong!!

    What cant kill you, will build you!

    Take care guys! See you all in another 2 and a half more months time. =)


    yIeN said...

    who's dat fella u hate so much laa?

    Ozy said...

    What an ass. Unless it was a big-time band manager.

    Oh well. Everyone is stressed I guess, maybe he was just looking to vent to someone.