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  • Monday, April 28, 2008

    Final Season At Cafe Lounge

    *As the Datin-General Manager of Sheraton Subang approaching the lounge*

    Boss: "Datin datang, datin datang. Jom berlakon sikit.."(datin is coming, act a bit)
    Me: "Ok boss.."

    *A conversation between 2 person*

    Person A: "Mana boss? Sekarang sibuk dia hilang pulak!"
    Person B: "Tak tau la, dia "semayang"?
    Me: "What?? Apa semayang? Dia bukan muslim kan??"

    Later I found out the term "semayang" here means 'curi tulang' also known as lazing around somewhere.

    These people come up with their own code word man...

    Me "semayang-ing"...

    I'll be leaving Cafe-lounge on the 4th of May and proceed on to finance department!! :D

    Thank God my appeal for department switch turn out smooth. ;)

    Smooth as marsh mellow~

    No doubt my life at cafe lounge has been really hard, but I've learned a lot during this period of time,

    And I've meet the new MP of Kelana Jaya from 'Parti Keadilan Rakyat'(PKR), Mr.Loh Gwo Burne(the guy that took the 'Linggam Video').

    I was attending to his table and I din know it was him until later.

    I was so tempted to say "congraz on your win sir.",
    but I did not... WASTED!!! =(

    Things like how to handle certain situation at a certain time.

    How to "suck-up" to your boss, handle hard guest and worked with idiots.

    Followed my boss to "steal" our equipment back from banquet department.

    How to make teh tarik and other drinks.

    Kak Ying teaching me how to make teh tarik~

    As an ordinary waiter,

    I've also used the concierge luggage to transport things around, lend a hand to banquet department, done room service,

    Done data entry for cafe lounge because boss lousy at using computer, send and pick up flowers, move furnitures around,

    Carry 4 empty beer barrel down to store, and transfer 6 filled barrel which weigh 86kg per barrel back up using only a trolley, and many many more..

    It doesn't look at light and easy as it seems...

    Things that supposedly I don't have to do, I've done them all.. Stretch beyond my capability and knowledge, I'm proud to say that I've done well.

    There will be times that things really get on our nerves, its evident that I do too, read my previous post also you know already, hehe..

    "Semayang-ing" again... :D

    The thing is, being upset and complaining about it to friends sometimes are ok, as long as we know how to get out from it and learn the lessons from that dark episode.

    That way, our "sufferings" wont be in vain.

    Room service for some stupid Akademi Fantasia singer... 1st wan to eat here,
    later ask to send to room, very the troublesome la..

    I hope my next month at finance department will be even better, exciting I hope!

    I cant wait to go back college!

    Wow, Taylor's college also produce wine?? :P

    Working at Sheraton Subang sure reminds me of Taylor's College... 2 more months baybeh!

    Take care people! ;)

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