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  • Wednesday, April 9, 2008

    Aroma Cafe - Sheraton Day 1

    My leg has never been in such bad condition before....

    I don't wana walk already, someone buy me a wheel chair.... T.T

    Almost 8 hours of standing... And its only the 1st day, I'm gona be in hell for another 1 month...

    Anyway, I shall not blog about the orientation day on the 7th of April, I'll save it for another time when I get hold of the pictures yea~

    Today was my 1st day of work, I was assigned to 'Cafe Lounge' section for my 1st month of serving.

    Its very different from the restaurant service at college.

    1st things 1st, this is a cafe and not a fine dining restaurant, certain things just cant apply, such as placing things on left or right, and those minor crappy protocol stuff..

    This is a 2 part restaurant, 1st section is the 'piano lounge', the other part was known as 'Cafe Aroma' which was where I'm placed, but I have to go both sides...

    The thing required the most - common sense & 'anything also can' stance.

    Not easy as easy as the ones in mamak...

    Today was crazy, I always stand at a spot and look after the guest needs, seemingly to the assistant manager, that is known as "I have nothing to do".

    Therefore, I was called to multi task here and there, and again and again and SOME MORE FREAKING OVER AGAIN...

    Darn I always have to be JUST NICE in the assistant managers line of sigh or walkway and just so happen that I'm showing that so call "nothing to do" stance...

    I'm not saying thats bad, because I get to train my alertness, in fact it is getting better, I hope...

    Another difference which I wana talk about is the staff, each section only got 2, as for me at 'Cafe Aroma', I'm working hand in hand with Kakak Ying.

    You must be wondering, how come I call her Kakak Ying when she carries a Chinese name?

    Well, simply because she is from the state of Kedah, therefore she is much more fluent in her Bahasa although she is Chinese(mix Thai).

    Believe it or not, she communicates with me in Bahasa instead of other languages, so I'm refering her as 'Kak' or 'Kak Ying'.

    Anjing! Hehe.. Its name is 'Faith', the mo-hawk dog.. =)

    Wad-da-ya-know, Bahasa Kedah(BK) shares a similarity with Bahasa Indonesia(BI).

    So she speaks to me in her BK & I speak to her using BI mix BM.

    Quite unique come to think of it, both of the same race & same country but speaking in a language other then the mother tongue or English.

    She has thought me quite a number of stuff, no time to go through that. :)

    1 of the Sheraton car park..

    Ok la, I shall stop here for today, I will constantly update to tell you my progress.

    I hope that you wont see me on a wheel chair after 3 months... @.@


    yunny said...

    hehe i will provide you with wheelchair... :p

    God be with you..

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