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  • Saturday, April 12, 2008

    Letter To Miss Helen

    I've wrote an email to my training manager 2 days ago that sounds like this...

    Behind Cafe Aroma's bar..

    Hi Miss Helen,

    The reason this mail was sent because I have something to ask you regarding my industrial training.

    As you know, I’ve requested for training only in the F&B service department, but after these few days of thinking,

    I have the thought of exploring more towards the administrative or office section, such as PR, reservation, training, etc.

    I saw this book when I helped Alice with her article

    I know you have said that the departments allocation could not be changed after 7th of April, by doing so might cost quite a problem to you and others, but I have to ask if you could consider my request?

    Besides wanting to explore in other departments, other reasons that has prompt me to think and ask you about this was because my frigging leg is going to break and darn I feel like a blardy slave.

    I had observed the service style of both ‘Café Lounge’ and ‘Terazza Brasserie’ were almost the same, this fact has made me think twice of continuing my service there after ‘Café Lounge’ and also because of both places made the servers equally slavish.

    Lets all say "what the heck!" together!

    I was wondering if its possible and not causing too much of a headache for you, could you allocate me into other departments which falls under the admin/office section for the 2nd month of my training please?

    I really hope this wont be much hassle to you, and I’m so sorry for the sudden request of change.

    Do let me know what is your view about this, hope to hear from you soon.

    -Melvin Teoh-

    Can see, can't eat...

    Wish me all the best.... T.T

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