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  • Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    Here Comes The Pain

    Darn, just as I was getting used to the pain in my leg, and knowing my other fellow associates better, something just had to pop up and disrupt my working mood...

    2 days ago was my 1st day working the 3pm-11pm shift, surprisingly I like this shift, cause I don't have to do those stupid thing like polishing cutleries and crockeries.

    But still, working so ate at night. We sometimes expect peace and harmony, BUT NOOOOOOOooo.............

    Something just has to come up and cause a pain in the arse...

    Melvin Teoh, Alice Suryadi & Fandi Harlie
    After Sunday night shift supper time at Asia Cafe,
    watching ManU vs Arsenal also..

    For normal day shift, I will be working mostly with kak Ying or kak Aida, but Sunday shift, I have to work with 2 abang instead...

    I thought guy bartenders are cool, calm and nice to chat with, but these 2 are just plan jackasses and 'suck up king', "polishing the boss's shoes" is what they do best...

    One by the name of Ramli burger and the other one I don't even bother remembering, it defiles my memory by remembering such horrendous name, so I shall call him 'Shark'...

    Looks delicious? Well, its going into the dustbin... T.T

    It all started by a stupid can of beer, I din know how to pour it, so somehow it over flow la..

    I ask Ramli to come, I was expecting a "aduh, never mind is ok, I teach you now and next time you do it nicely".

    Instead he said these:

    *the ones in red are his words, black ones are mine*

    "So now who going to pay?"
    "Err, I don't know, hotel beer not like outside cheap, how to pay?"
    "So now you expect me to pay? You know I hold responsible for this?"
    "I don't know la abang, I din know got some special way to pour beer."
    "Now you trainee or I trainee?"
    "So you expect me to tell you what to do?"
    "Err, how I know got special way to pour man.."
    "Don't talk so much, now you trainee or I trainee?
    "Next time you don't know please ask, anything just ask."
    "Ok, sorry..."
    "I'm not angry with you ok."
    "Yeah I know asshole."

    Yep, I am on the wrong, but darn, I'm just training, and you ask me to open and pour the beer but never tell me how in the 1st place, how the heck you expect me to know... -.-"

    And it just never ends there.

    I went over to 'Aroma Cafe' to help kak Ida shortly after being flamed.

    One thing is to escape from abang Ramli just in case he goes nuts and flame me again and on the other hand, I helped kak Ida to arrange the chairs, clear the tables and etc...

    I saw the 'Shark' was at the bar and kak Ida was alone, so technically I'm at no fault by going over to the other side because I'm suppose to help either outlets.

    Separated by just a lock...

    After clearing the last bit at 'Cafe Aroma', me and kak Ida were talking a bit, as soon as I was about to leave back to the bar, a "ramli burger" bounced out from no where..

    To cut the story short, he thought I was lazing around, so he asked me a so call "educated person" question, I shall not talked about that, its hard to tell via typing.

    I shall officially declare all the guys at the bar are useless bums... They talk but cant walk their own talk,

    All these yummies went into the dustbin as well...

    Complaining about me eating those peanuts but you yourself also eat,

    Complaining about me leaving after my 8 hours shift work but after your own 8 hours or BEFORE that your shadow cant even be seen,

    I tested another guy about receiving tipping, I saw him putting a fat RM10 into his pocket, so when I receive mine, I asked

    "Abang Danny, if we got tip, we just take rite(duh!, but I was testing him)?"

    "No no no! You must put into the box in the store room, remember to put ok!"

    Your pockets are full, but you wanted to swallow all, your back has become as crooked as a politician because its just too heavy for you.

    I shall write more in days to come, save more for later yea~ :D

    To all my batch 28 friends, keep pressing on!

    No doubt there will be "snakes" trying to take advantage of us in various ways, but thats how we learn rite? ;)

    Take care, God bless us all!

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