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  • Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    Piano-Roma Chronicles

    I like this quote by a friend of mine.

    "At Taylor's School of Hospitality and Tourism, we were taught to serve ladies first, at Sheraton Subang Hotel and Towers we were taught to serve Datuk first..."

    Diniy - Student of DH 26

    Darn funny, but its true.

    Our bosses are obsessed with datuks, every time got datuk come, boss sure ask us to work fast , serve fast, walk fast and be nice and wish them.

    There was a time our Datin GM asked for the bill, I went and tell my boss that no one was there to issue the bill at the cashier..

    I tell you, that was the time I saw my boss ran so fast, the person that he was taking to at that moment thought there was a boom threat or something.

    People are just so suck up these days don't you think so? Money and power makes the world go round.


    Just few days ago, there was this VVVVVVIP who came, boss made it sound much more important then the King of Malaysia.

    She was a evaluator pretends to be a guest, my boss somehow got the news that she was coming, I tell you, my favorite time during working hours was when there are 'big shots' around.

    The staff all suddenly became so nice, a girl that normally never talked to me came up to me and ask "how are you?" IN FRONT of the guest.

    This is one expensive center piece, RM 10 per rose missing...

    The funnier part was one of the idiot bartender said to the VVVVVIP that she was pretty or something like that, I was washing the cup near the basin, can say I'm quite nearby them la.

    After I heard him said that, I did a "tskh!" and shook my head, I'm not sure they heard it or not, but I certainty felt really disgusted of his hypocrisy till I automatically reacted in that manner.

    Behind the 'Piano Lounge' bar..

    Anyhow, there was this other incident which happen 3 days ago, the same sweet talking bartender asked me to come into the bar, so I went, I thought he wanted me to wash the cups, but...

    He was speaking so fast about something in BM which I did not understand, I only catch some words like "gay", "angry", "react" and some other crap, and suddenly, his hands come touch my ass!

    I was like "ya allah! what was that for?"... I know he is a type of person that like to play around, but why touch my ass?? Why me darn it! Later on, my another friend also kena..

    Darn, I thought he was only an idiot, but he is gay?!?

    Coffee machine! I wish I had one at home..

    So I thought that episode was over.. BUT! Today, as I was folding tissue at the counter, someone touched my ass again! I turned and I saw this time one of the kakak touched my ass!

    After that she said "apa hal sentuh-sentuh buntut nieh?", but in a joking manner, I looked at her and I don't know what to say at that point of time.

    Anjing! Like that also can?!

    Darn my ass so nice to touch is it?! You think free ar?! I not gigolo nor prostitute ok... Only reserved for my hand to scratch when its itchy! -.-"

    Coffee powder machine!

    Oh yeah! I'm going to say good bye to this hell condemn place, tomorrow I will be meeting Miss Helen again to see if I get to transfer to administration type department.

    Wish me the best! And this time I hope no one touches my ass again.... =/

    Preparing the welcome drink..

    Alright, here are some other stories I wish to share.

    One day, there was a wedding dinner at the ballroom, apparently its some datuk's son wedding.

    Banquet department somehow was short of staffs to help out, and the manager just had the "right" idea to come Piano Lounge to "borrow" some man power.

    And for some reason, I have to be selected along with that gay idiot bartender and that racist basket bartender.

    Another view from the corner of 'Aroma Cafe'...

    The condition was so messed up at banquet, for some time, I was lost, I din know what was going on, I don't even know what to do!

    Only at the last moment, I was told that I only have to go in and take up some cover from some pot and come out.

    Sounds easy? Well it was to me at first, take up a cover from a pot rite? What was so hard about it..

    Something like that size,
    sorry I din take the picture when
    I was there...

    Imagine taking up a cover THAT size, burning hot(use cloth), using one hand and not taking only from one table, bare in mind there are around 100++ tables and we have only around 20-30 people.

    The good thing was, I learned how to take up that big cover, got a certain way, not that bad after all, at less I learned something.

    They wanted to used this for something during the wedding dinner,
    I hope its not to kill the bride or groom's past lover who came for the dinner.. =P

    It has been a really painful long 2 weeks, now its the 3rd week, I cant wait till the end!

    Take care people!

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