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  • Saturday, April 5, 2008

    Purple Hills

    Holidays are great!

    But holidays with no purpose is far lesser then great...

    Besides catching a movie with friends on Monday and Friday, other days I just sit at home and go through the process of "fermentation" in front of my PC.

    Not producing alcohol, instead I got myself a pair of red eyes from playing games & MSN, one of it which took up most of my time was the game '3 Kingdoms'...

    Darn I tell you, to finish 1 silly champaign can take days and hours, I've finished 2 which took me 5 days..

    Now I left 8 more... @.@

    Eh no wait... I just discovered there are another 10 more!!! Which are side stories apart from the normal ones..

    My senses are telling if this goes on, its gona do me bad...

    Therefore, on Thursday I decide to make my life more health and lively again!

    I was thinking what can I do...

    And I remembered there was a place known as 'Purple Hills', its located somewhere within the Subang Jaya area..


    My friends cycled there once, so I thought I can make it to, hence began the journey.

    I've never been nor seen that place before.

    So I asked for directions and how long the trip will take and etc..

    My friend told me 15 to 20 minutes traveling time.

    I say bullshit.

    The road seems to never end!

    I traveled all the way out to the sides of USJ area near USJ 17-20.

    And I notice something weird...

    But he said go on, so I went..

    It just doesn't look right, I thought it was within Subang Jaya area?

    I called and ask again, and he say, "yeah man, just go on."


    I began to doubt, but I was thinking, it must be the turning just in front, cannot be that far...

    15-20 minutes mah...

    Oh my goodness, I was expecting a turning that my friend told me, but I did not expect that turning leads into the HIGHWAY...

    What kind of place it that, I thought it was suppose to be 15 to 20 minutes?!?

    I'm suppose to go all they way, following the road..

    Ahhhh! I'm on the highway above another highway.

    Ya Allah, it leads me into the middle of the highway...

    Bare in mind, I'm on my unserviced & unused for God know how long bicycle, good thing I pumped air into the tires, if not die la...

    Unfamiliar places.. I din know USJ has expend so much..

    I'm lost.... But according to my friend, I'm on the right track..

    What to do, come so far don't tell me turn back now meh...?

    As I was standing on a higher ground and catching up my breath, I saw this!

    It isn't clear I know...

    Summit USJ! My house is somewhere near there, and now I'm looking at summit, and its like so small.... Which means I'm very very far away! @.@

    I cant believe I actually cycled till this distance.

    I pressed on, and finally!

    He said there will be a sharp corner, there I will see an opening that leads into the hills.

    I was so darn happy when I see the entrance.

    I leaped in!



    I thought I made it all the way to see this.....

    I rang up my friend and he explained.

    Oh... There was another passage on the right side leading up towards the hill.

    As I was about to walk up there, I noticed strange noise around the area, my ears and eyes went up, scouting for any unknown things.

    My eyes lead me to these..

    There were a battalion of them roaming around the area!

    That explains why I have to zoom so far to catch their picture, knowing me that I always seek to take clear pictures, another thing was because something happen before...

    Few years back at Pangkor Island, I took a photo of a monkey, and the next thing I knew it was chasing after me, I ran a quarter of the island till it stopped.

    This was the last moment of the bugger before he made me look like an idiot carrying all my friends stuff while running, a group of people just sat there and laugh... -.-

    I should have watch more animal planet,
    I din know this position means "I'm tulan!"

    I stood in front of the pathway, thinking should or should I not go up there, there were a lot of monkeys, what if it see my face and felt like beating me up?

    I was alone, if I got hurt then how? No one to call for help..

    But I came all they way, with much sweat and energy, I'm gona leave just like that? I finally gather the guts, I walked up..

    Terrorizing the Ramli Burger stall... "roarrrrr!"

    Suddenly, I heard the sound of thunder above the sky.

    Crap its gona rain, immediately I decided to give up my campaign... =(

    I turned back and head home, half way through, it rained...

    Was it a waste? Was it stupid?

    To me, its all worth it..

    Hey, come on, who can say that they cycled all they way from Subang to Putra Heights before? Got la, but not much.

    Cycling on the highway isn't a normal daily thing that everyone will or can do, but I've done it, I'm not saying no one else other then me did before la.

    Nothing like a cup of coconut juice after all that up hill and down hill of cycling, its not really tasty, but its the taste of an achievement that makes it taste so good.

    Just like drinking champagne, if drink for fun, there isn't much to shout about, but if drank during a celebration of something, its a total different feeling altogether.

    Definitely I will revisit Purple Hills once more, I shall not rest till I can gaze from its peak!

    Truly I believe it will be an eye opener. =D

    Purple Hills anyone?

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    Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...


    sounds fun! if i can get a bike...