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  • Thursday, January 10, 2008

    2008 Resolution & 2007 Resolution Review

    I tell you something la, making new year resolutions is something that rarely people can keep. Chris said he wants to stop skipping class, but he skipped the 1st day of college and 3rd day already. =P

    For instance, in my 2nd post when I started this blog, I wrote about my 2007 resolution.

    There were 4 of us, we TRIED to prepare ourselves to go Japan before the age of 20.

    John - 'The Terrorist'
    Status: Unknown

    The trick was, we don't wan to following any shitty tour that rip you off big time and always limiting visitation time.

    We wanted to explore 'the land of the rising sun' via backpacking!

    That means we got to at less know the basics of their language.

    Dickson - 'The Dick~tator'
    Status: Lost in space

    Until today, this very hour & minute, sitting in front here writing this post, I only used this 2 Japanese word most of the time,

    1. 'Konbanwa' (means good evening), to disturb Nikki.A in MSN.
    2. 'Sayonara' (means good bye), instead of applying its normal meaning, I used this word when I know someone screw up something, I said it with the meaning "habis lah lu~!".

    So much for backpacking in Japan, but hope has not given up on us yet! We still have 1 year before we turn 20!

    Andrew Leng - 'SK'
    Status: "He is legend"

    But I guess it will not be the 4 of us this time round, you know as time pass, people change, sometimes circumstances are the stumbling block of great plans.

    Will see how thing goes later on la.

    I also said, "hope that I wont screw up my form 6". Yes, I was sort of "forced" into form 6 at 1st, I don't know should I say this, but...

    THANK GOD I GOT A 'D' FOR MY BAHASA IN SPM~!! =D Therefore I'm not qualified to enter. =)

    If not, I'll be tormented by all the shit that my friends are facing now in form 6.

    Just a period of 12 months, such a drastic change, it has taught me to think far, but plan near, I'm not sure if that makes any sense.

    Anyway! Resolution 2008?? For this time round, I wana set the bench mark, but this time, I'll set something easy to achieve, start small 1st better ma.

    So I'll set 3 main resolution and publicly blog about it, so at the end of this year if I don't achieve it, come ask me why and condemn me!

    Lets see now...

    "Lala" wanabe - but failed,because we are just not...

    First - Save up for traveling!
    This year, I must go out of the usual place I stay at less once, I don't care where, the best is out of Malaysia la, and WITHOUT parents.

    I really wana visit Indonesia, see how la. ;)

    Click on picture to enlarge.
    Bandung view from the peak~

    Worst comes to worst, Singapore also boleh la... Or worst till cannot worst, Langkawi la... Still out of the usual Selangor & KL.

    Second - Learn up my Bahasa!

    No, I don't mean Bahasa Malaysia, but Bahasa Indonesia.

    Now don't give me that "har?!" expression again, I've got it almost from everyone that I told.

    Some said that I started to lean this because of someone, which I wont deny, its partially true. The other half was because it sounds nicer then BM, and they are quite similar, so easy to learn, why not pick up another language? ;)

    But when it comes to expressing a great shock(for English, OMG!), BM kicks ass, I witnessed this particular incident outside the locker room.

    The lady guard caught a big fat grasshopper and placed it in front the cleaning lady, she got so freaked out, she blurbed out 2-3 sentences in less then 3 seconds, that sounded SO funny I laugh out loud in front of them.

    She start out with "ya allah s.w.t! *a lot of something* nenek moyang *a lot of something* jiwa kasihan ku *a lot of something*".

    Since the "crash" incident, I tested myself whether is it because of someone that drives this sudden interest?

    The truth is, I still find the interest of learning the language, and heck, I hope I've improved, its been 3 months already!

    Third - To brush up my video and photography skills!

    If I wana enter the film industry, how can I be lack of these?

    I'm hoping to find a new way to edit video, instead of using the old concepts that I know now.

    Hence, this comes to an end of my resolution list, I hope I am able to complete all of them.

    Wish me the best yea~! ;)

    So whats your resolution? Care t0 share? =)

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