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  • Friday, January 4, 2008

    The Princess Or The Work Partner

    Whats On My Mind:

    Happy 2008 people!!! XD

    I've been dreaming a lot lately, knowing the fact that term 3 is just around the corner excites me, at the same time popped up a few question in my head.

    Just this few days, my mind keeps playing this same common story that I assume everyone heard of.

    It just kept playing over and over and over again... Let me tell you that story, see what you guys think. =D

    Once upon a time there was a king who reign over his kingdom.

    The king was a great fisherman, even though he was the king, he catches fish from the sea everyday, so he could feed all the people in his country.

    Everyone was happy because they were always fed and never starved.

    But the king was not alone, he goes fishing with 2 of his best work partner, 1 of them he could worked with very well, the other almost got the fishing boat overturned a few times.

    Not far from the king's country, there was a beautiful princess from a foreign kingdom.

    She too catches fish and feeds her people and everybody was happy because they were all well fed.

    One day the king decides to take a stroll in his sampan out to the open seas.

    Coincidently, the princess had the same thought as the king, somehow they bumped into each others sampan, so they chatted along the way back home and became friends!

    It takes no time for the king to fell in love with the princess, he got to know that the princess was fishing alone everyday to feed her people.

    The king had a brilliant idea! He thought of fishing together with the princess instead!

    On one hand, he could spend more time with her and help her, and on the other, he can lower his risk of death working with his other work partner, knowing that he has the tendency to overturn the boat.

    The problem was, the king thought of his other best work partner, both of them worked very well, and has no intention to upset the partner.

    So what will you do if your the king?

    1. Screw the work partner, don't care how he feels, and save your own life! Go for the princess!
    2. Friendship more important, there are many foreign land with other princess to chose from!

    No, this is not a story line for my future film...

    Anyway, what you have to say about this story? Which path will you chose? =)

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