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  • Monday, January 7, 2008

    A Bold Plan

    Whats On My Mind:

    Gwen: "What kinda present is suitable for a person that is goth and a little suicidal?"

    Jimmy(a.k.a 'The King'): "A smack on their face! So that they can wake up and realize that life isn't that bad after all."

    Me: *Another "wise words" from the king...*


    New hospitality students coming in tomorrow! =D


    Term 3 started today.

    Restaurant practical was the 1st class after 3 weeks of holiday, its obvious some of our skills and knowledge are rusted.

    Sad part was, being the 1st group to enter after 3 weeks non-occupied, we had to clean the entire restaurant, and we discover many dead & alive roaches around.

    Now we know why French food is so tasty. =P

    I've never see Mr Sarti pushing us much back at term 2, but now is a whole new thing, we have lots to catch up...

    Now there is no more lazying around like before...

    Makan, minum, main, tidur!
    Macam kucing yang tiada risau langsung...

    Come to think of it, just like that, 6 months just went by with a blink of an eye!

    And honestly, I still wonder what am I doing in this course even though I believe everyone was placed there for a special purpose(including myself).

    I questioned God sometimes, but my understanding is limited.

    Sorry la, I know I kept repeating this & you might be tired reading/hearing about this, but I cant help but to think about it each time when new term starts.

    Its great knowing and working with each and everyone in group 1 & 2, I had one of the greatest time with them.

    My faithful blog poser...
    Taken today during restaurant clean up..

    Even though I may sound as if I'm complaining, truly I enjoyed much in this course.

    Well... Not all subject la... Damn accounts for its the foulest subject on planet earth!!!!

    But I feel I can do better in other things compare to arranging fork & spoons, "further-murdering" cutting chicken or washing room toilet.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not despising this kinda work.

    I looked retarded in this photo,
    therefore photoshop was used! ;)

    How am I going to stand this until degree? I'll be wasting my mothers money and end up not working in this line.

    I have plan of not furthering to degree, not even higher diploma.

    After my diploma, I wana come out and work in the film industry, somehow....

    I'll find a way.. My brother is an editor for some company, so maybe by chance I can make a way from there?

    If not then.. Habis & mati tak ber~mayat lah...

    But through parents point of view, this is not just bad, its taboo + ridiculous + a joke + just something wrong with my head!

    Not having a degree is somehow just wrong in their perception....

    So wrong...
    Check out the models dressing and footwear, notice something?

    If one has no degree in todays world = useless.

    Agreed, but to a certain extend, no doubt a degree is a sign of someone that was well fed by wisdom(not all), and its able to draw the person to a good job with high pay.

    But thats for commerce and science type of thing, what about arts?

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    People wont judge one's film by your degree.. But the quality, creativity and innovation of the movie produced.

    Frankly, I don't see the point for myself to get a hotel management degree.

    Term 6 dinner service - lamb chop!
    Picture courtesy by Ivana.

    Bold move, but I might get myself killed during the process.

    What do you guys thing?

    Degree? Or degrade?

    Dare to dream, dare to die! - by Me

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