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  • Sunday, January 27, 2008

    Industrial Training Application - Pending

    After term 3, DH 28, DC 28 and DT 28 are required to go for an industrial training to prove we have bigger balls gain some "in field" experience.

    We were given an industrial briefing by the career center on how to apply, what to expect and many more.

    Me being myself, I submitted the application form 1 day before the dead line.

    Selection from the state of Pahang

    I don't wana chose somewhere around KL/Subang/PJ because..

    1. Its so near to home
    2. The jam that I had to crawl out to reach home
    3. I need aDvEntUrE & eXpLoRaTiOn~!

    Therefore my selection??

    *Drum roll*

    As you can see, I only chose 1 place out of the 5 given slots, big balls? dumb ass?
    Well, I put it this way - determination

    Resort World Berhad~!

    Also known as 'Genting'.

    Why Genting? You asked.

    "3 months away from home and staying in some place that I've never seen before, not scared meh?"

    Those are none of my concern, I've survived in some ulu place in Sabah:

    bathing in the river, used toilet that has no flush,

    sleep on concrete ground with nothing but my sleeping bag as the insulator, having cows to "moo" in the middle of the night and waking us up in the process, and etc...

    How can living in Genting compare to this?

    The only thing that makes me no "steam" to go up is because...

    List of people that were, is, and are to be going up Genting

    I'll be all alone up there.

    None of my group mates or friends that I'm close with are coming with me... =(

    There are 2 others whom are from batch 28 that are going up, but I barely know them.

    It comes down to the same old word, lonely!

    But, all these things are still unsure, I am not yet accepted, my status is still under their "shortlisting".

    Judging by previous records, all who applied got accepted(one person quit).

    I guess I just have to wait and see. =)

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