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  • Sunday, February 11, 2007

    wOOt I Am Famous!

    I got a friend, he told me not to post this entry cause its kinda lame & 'mou liew'(nothing else better to do).

    Indeed he has a point.

    Come to think of it what I got to lose, since my last post was kinda... You know la...

    Anyway here goes.

    Few days ago, I was surfing the net, soon I got bored, and it came to a point when I had this stupid idea of surfing for my own initial "MelzKC" to see what I can find on the World Wide Web, and this was what I found.

    Holy cow! It is my friendster account on no.1 using google search engine! And the other its one of my friend in my friendster list!

    And so I tried doing the same using yahoo search engine, and behold.

    Look who is the man.

    Well being a over curious guy, I decided to search my initial the other way round 'KCMelz', using both the search engine, and look who hits the top chart again.

    With google, I scored 3 goals, two with my Utada-Online.Net Community account, and another goal with my YouTube account. By the way if your free just drop by here to watch a video my friends and I made back then during high school, nothing great, but just for laugh.

    Sadly I only scored one goal with my Utada-Online.Net Community account using yahoo search engine. Thus this proves google = awsome, *ehmm* *cough* *cough* yahoo = "...."

    Now I feel like

    If you got nothing else better to do, just give it a try with your nickname or whatever represents you, and will never know what you might find, you will just never know...

    If you did try it out, do leave comments on your findings. =)


    Jin said...

    Wow, you made me famous.

    Ace said...

    eih wad happen to po suk lan edi ar.

    Creator of my own little world said...

    It didn't work on me...

    Ku-ku case!! said...

    i like da famous amos(KC) thingy! so stupid! but funny!wakaka!!

    chloe said...


    wad 2 do? whr 2 put my name?

    dwn here la...


    oi! how 2 publish?? orange or blue button? i 4gt... brain jam 1ce i c all these chinese characters here

    chloe said...


    Anonymous said...

    Hi my name is david and if you remember you must add me asap : dzietnamese_toalet@yahoo.com