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  • Thursday, February 15, 2007

    Boy's Toys - Misused

    -Short up date for today-

    1st of all, I am sorry for the late up date, I wanted to up date yesterday night but I had to be in bed early because of this.

    My undang test results that I took this morning

    Wakakaka...! Passed.


    Anyway, few days ago I went to Chong's place, his dad was cleaning the house as preparation for the up coming CNY.

    When his dad came across this in Chong's brothers room, he ask us to dump it on the way out.

    Wah nia! The hack his brother did in his fathers workshop la?

    Look at the size of that thing! If I am not mistaken its above my waist length with its tip touching the floor.

    Before continuing the story, I wan to clarify something, Chong's dad is a carpenter, his brother worked for his dad in the workshop during school holidays, so I guess his bro made this back then when he is too free.

    So I was wondering, what can his brother possibly use this thing for other then swinging it around acting macho??

    I could only think of these...

    Cut stuff??

    Hit stuff??

    Drama??(sorry will make the words bigger next time)

    Soon I sensed the dark side in this crafted art.

    A perverts ultimate dream tool because of its freaking length.

    Got better ideas?


    Ku-ku case!! said...

    erm...to reach those places u juz cant reach on ur back(darn those spots!) and it takes a pervert to think of an ultimate perverts dream!! joking joking!! ahaha!! U and da word pervert dont mix!

    SK said...

    Hah, now thats what i call a scoop. Would like it more if the blade went pass *ahem* euge *ahem* ene's head tho *cough* With pics included =P, but oh well.

    Chong looks a little stoned O.o and yeah thats a good tool for perverts...like u! HENTAI! =P