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  • Thursday, February 8, 2007

    "Good For Skin"(Making a Fool of Myself)

    Warning! High level of humour required to read this post.

    Don't say i din warn you.

    "Mel,come eat this!"

    Mel: "What? ok coming coming."

    -Mom brings out some ugly looking purple fruit-

    Do I look ugly to you?

    Mom: "This one very good for health, lots of fiber."

    Mel: *Which fruit not good for health la?* "Uh... yeah..."

    Within the ugly skin - The horror!

    Mom: "Very sweet la!"

    Mel: *Moves tongue and taste* "Where go sweet, taste like water nia."


    Mel: "Looks like some monkey brain with dead house fly stuck in it."

    Mom: "Shut up and eat, expensive fruit you know!"

    Mel: *Feel like crying as each bite enters my mouth*

    -After 30 min


    Mom: "Mel you know the man that sell this, he say you take the skin and rub at your hand, your skin will be smoother wan."

    Mel: *What the fork?* "Har!!?? Got such thing wan meh!?"

    Mom: "Don’t know, go try now and see."

    Mel: =(

    "Why am I doing this?"


    After - omgosh don't send me to jail~!!
    -My Conclusion-

    You very sweet eh? Revenge is sweeter

    Stupid market man...


    MelzKC said...

    Sorry, the font went crazy.. so some big some small.

    Ace said...

    Lol dragon fruit, right?

    Ku-ku case!! said...

    wahahahaha!!! wat ku-ku??!! i also don like dragon fruit..but da bad meh?!

    新作情報 said...


    MelzKC said...

    Lol yeah dragon fruit, now i know, *sigh* nice name used on a stupid fruit. (sorry, no offense to those who luv dragon fruit) =)

    By the way, what this mean?? >>> "聖なるかな』のページを一部更新しました?" <<<

    I posted i luv to go japan, but i still not good in their language, so who ever can translate this please do so, tyty. =)

    J . J! ! said...

    Yo mel...as u know, im doing this cause i've been harrased to do so..HAHA jk!yess i have a exhiliriting sense of humour n no doubt i have been laughing off my chair wen i read yr post..not literally.. =D

    But yeah, i can practically get the rought picture of wat was going on in your head tat time (HAHA yar rite =D)

    Anyways, stop asking me to start a blog, cause i wont. =)

    MelzKC said...

    lol! haha, i know not that funny, will try better next time. =D thx for the honest comment. =)

    And since when i ask u start blogging ? :P i ask u 2 drop by my blog la boy. XD

    Sh|3N said...

    Dragon fruit taste horrible, give me good old fashion honey dew anyday..The name says it all ..And i am also harass to post a comment so xD!

    Creator of my own little world said...

    I'm laughing...

    Gwen said...

    Ahahaha, that ain't that bad! Well, I haven't tried it before but still! Hehe, at least it provided some entertainment for you and me right? You got a chance to fool around with it by taking pics and I get to laugh at you, who had to go through the torturous moments. *grins* pros and cons baby!

    Terrorist said...

    I heard Anthrax Gamma makes your skin glow and much smoother...Try it.