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  • Monday, February 12, 2007

    "Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted" / "Penceroboh Akan Didakwa"

    I am very sorry, I do not have much picture to post in this entry due to some problem so words will be more this time, and I am unable to up load more photos for this entry.

    Back in high school days, we tend to run away from school then to come into school due to some pain in the arse teachers and the fear of getting our shiny butts scarred cause of our piled up school work.

    We would not even open our gold filled mouth to sing the school anthem and the 'Negaraku".(I am only guilty for the 1st wan)

    Nevertheless, me and my homie(Chong) decided to turn our evening fat burning jog into an "adventure" back at our good old school, just to snap some photo of it when there are no stupid fools running around that wan to try pose in our picture.

    -Chapter 1: The Journey Begins *in front of school gate*-

    Note: We don't wan to cost a big fuss in the name of picture taking, so we decided...

    Melz: "Aiyoh gate lock la, how la."

    Chong: "There is always the 'lubang'(hole) that people used it to skip school, we can used that way, just hope that we don't get caught..."

    Melz: *Ignoring the "Penceroboh Akan Didakwa" sign in front of the school gate* "Oh ya hor! How could I forgot about it, don't worry la we sure won't get caught wan, remember we did it last time, see we still in one pice."

    Chong: *Guard looks sleepy, his head on the table* "Alright lets hurry, I got to go home soon."

    -Chapter 2: Enter The Matrix *after squeezing through the 'lubang' we are inside-

    Note: Here are some pictures we took.

    With flash

    With no flash

    With no flash + me

    With flash + a crazy guy

    -Chapter 3: On The Way To 'No.5354, Jalan SMK USJ 8/Getting Screwed'

    *Chong and Melz venture into the inner part of school - where danger awaits them.*

    I so hate this room(no offence to my pengawas friends, no hard feelings k!) =)

    The sound of joy of those students who finish their PMR still haunts the wall

    "Ah, the good days where our mouth just won't open to sing those darn songs"

    *Imagine the 'Mission Impossible' Song Playing*

    *As Melz and Chong were taking those nice nice photos, from the pejabat(office) area Melz noticed a man in blue coming their way.*

    Melz: !!!! "Oh my gosh what the hack the guard ronda-ing(walk around) he not sleeping wan meh!!!"

    Chong: *Stunned there*

    Melz: "Babi run la!!!"

    Guard: !?!?!?

    *Melz and Chong ran as fast as they could till they reach the back part of school, near 'lubang'.*

    Chong: "Wait wait wait, the sky very nice la I wan to take a picture of it."

    Melz: "Yeah nice, take take."

    *Both idiots instead of making a run away, they stood there like fools taking picture of the beautiful sky(indeed it was), and this is what they ended up taking*

    The sky ended up out of the frame, but he ended up in it, thanks Chong

    A close up shot of the guard. He must be saying " Astalavista babeh!!" your going down!

    Guard: "Oi mari sini!"

    Melz & Chong: *Jia lat(oh no) loh this time.*

    Guard: "Apa you buat di sini?"

    -Chapter 4: So much for our happy ending-

    *Melz and Chong explained to the guard what were their intension, fortunately(YES!!) the guard knew we mean no harm, he told us to buat 'laporan'(make a report) on our "visit" in the log book, he also said
    "ini bukan masalah besar, tetapi you mesti ikut pintu depan lain kali"(this is not a big problem, but you have to come in from the front gate next time)*

    *On the way to the guard house, the guard took out his cell phone, he called "Pak Haji" - the old guard, due to his unknown command of language, I think their conversation was something like this.*

    Guard: "@#$%@#$% Penceroboh... @#$%@#$% Penceroboh... @#$%@#$% Penceroboh...

    Pak Haji: "@#$%
    @#$% Ikat!!(tie), @#$%@#$% Pancong!!(chop head), @#$%@#$% Sunat!!(.....)"

    *Haha, was just joking about the Pak Haji part, both of them are nice guards just doing their job, after all we were wrong, and we admit it*

    *Pak Haji soon came into scene, he gave a short lecture and left, the guard was relief and so were we, we asked the good man to take a photo of me and Chong, and here it is.*

    So much for "Syabas!! kerana anda hadir ke sekolah"(good job!! because you came to school)


    Ace said...

    SYABAS!! =D ahahaha that signboard really got me.

    Ku-ku case!! said...

    i like da arnold wanna-be..very da masculin and macho(NOT!!)

    reb said...

    sigh...sure does bring back fond memories

    J said...


    The Pak Haji part was hilarious.


    Noelle said...

    ur school looks like a resort.

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