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  • Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    History House CNY Visit - Seremban

    Dragging me self off me bed early on me wonderful morning, preparing to do the 1 in a year thing - going back mum's home town(Seremban).

    A sky view I took on the way back to Subang

    Upon arrival, as usual the "san neen fai lok"(happy new year), "gong hei fat choi"(may prosperity come into your bank account - which will NEVER happen) will be the first sentence we hear among adults conversation.

    I did my thing too as custom in the Chinese tradition, and went into the house.

    Mini gate before front door

    Looking at Suk Gong(my grandpa's brother) reminds me 7 years ago he was as fit as a tiger, he looks as if he could break coconuts when he bash it on his head, but now he is only a shadow of his former glory... Struck with hearing problem and less talking to us as each year goes by...

    Me, Suk Gong

    7 Years ago as I remember me and my cousin bro - Ryan running around the house chasing chickens, Suk Gong will always be there laughing with/at us when we fail a catch. Now, there are no more chickens around, God knows which stomach they ended up in, so were the fun times, only carved as memories at the back of our mind.

    2 side views from the old British Colonel house

    Yes, this house was once owned by a British Colonel and family during Malaya times, it was later sold/given(can't remember) to my Suk Gong when the Colonel had to return to England.

    2 back views, right side is the back of the kitchen

    Take a wild guess when was this picture below taken, do leave your guesses in the comment, remember do not scroll down and look at the answer ok, if not no fun. =)

    Guess, and no peeping the answer below! =P




    Can't guess? I can assure you your answer is 100% wrong. Its taken on 2004 at a photo studio in England when Suk Gong visits his daughter(most right) and son-in-law + grandson, the lady standing beside my Suk Gong on the left is my Suk Poh - his wife.

    Freaking real rite?? I got fooled my self, I thought that dude was the British Colonel & family till I asked.

    Hence, there goes another year in Seremban. We went home around evening, along the way back I notice something odd about the highway.

    Left: Starting of highway
    Right: Middle of highway

    The road fellas took few tongs of paint and sell as mayonnaise??

    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    They are broadening the road for 3 lanes, coming soon. It's kind enough for them to mark the lanes, cause they are temporary.