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  • Saturday, February 17, 2007

    A Day Out In Bangsar & The Curve

    Note: If you are someone who hates Bangsar/KL life style, I advice you not to read, this entry is also a bit lengthy due to lots of pictures so please bare with me, thank you.

    1st of all I wan to wish all my Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year, and to all my non-Chinese friends, happy holidays.


    Yesterday I visited my friends in Bangsar Baru. Before the meet up, I decided to hang out in the newly build 'Bangsar Village 2' a.k.a BV2 which is connected by this "skywalk" with 'Bangsar Village 1' a.k.a BV1.

    A side view of BV2 from the other end

    BV2 and the "skywalk"

    BV1 connected to BV2 via "skywalk"

    It is just one floor high, what so "sky" about it??

    The "skywalk" filled with CNY atmosphere

    I find BV2 is quite a nice place, the only problem is most of the shops there are meant for girls.

    See what I mean... And where are those darn cinemas & bowling alleys???!!!

    I notice this strange phenomena in Bangsar Baru, there are 3 MPH, 3 Starbucks and 2 Coffee Bean(sorry I did not get hold of the pictures). They could build so many of this useless outlets but not cinemas and other lepak place..!

    Behold the MUST visit place if your coming to Bangsar Baru.

    The famous Devi's Corner that the Discovery Travel and Living Channel
    talked about when they showcase Malaysia

    Nirwana Maju - The place where they served the BEST banana leaf rice

    They even use plastic cups when you bungkus drinks, other mamaks got a lot to learn

    Look at the amount of people, some have to wait for their turn to be sited

    Soon I meet up with my friends - Isaac and Nazmi. Isaac drove us to The Curve to watch "Ghost Rider". I rate it a good movie and worth watching.

    We got lost on the way back from Curve, lots of turning and stuff, they don't call that place "The Curve" for nothing, it took us 1 hour to return to Bangsar.

    Later in the evening, Mahdi a.k.a Po/Potato and Juan join us. After our dinner at Devi's Corner, we head over to 'Fish & Co', because they serve super delicious fries.

    Yumm yumm..... The crisp, the taste of potato, the just nice amount of salt.....

    After the tiring day out, we decided to call it a day. Isaac drove us all to Subang to drop me off.

    -Very very very lame joke-
    (non-photoshoped image, only the words)

    After watching Ghost Rider Isaac found his new power, he became - "Ghost Driver".

    The Curve car park - Day time

    On Federal Highway - Night time

    "Help us!"

    Sadly the wiper gave us a kick in the arse. The heave rain and a pair of 17 year old unpredictable spoiled wiper can never mix. We pulled over and wait for the rain to stop.

    Mahdi and Isaac trying to fix it

    At the end of the day, all of us safely reached home. Hence this long entry comes to an end. Thank you for reading, I know some of you might have felt bored reading it. Better post next time k. =D

    I leave you with this - picture of the day.

    Hmm.... Mahdi oh Mahdi... Kenapa...

    For more Mahdi in action, catch "Po Suk Lan" the movie now on youtube!


    SK said...

    Uh...in what way is mph, starbucks and coffee bean (which is the most heavily concentrated lepak place for malaysians as shown in klcc) not a lepaking place?... Imo they built many of those outlets to house the incoming heavy flow of customers. Unless their prediction comes out wrong O.o.

    Haha yeah, the mamak packing the drink with a plastic bag is a good move, but its also a necessity considering the heavy competition from other leisure outlets (eg being coffee bean) Bangsar IS, after all, densely populated by higher class malaysians so its only natural for them to get the better services ;)

    SK said...

    My bad, heavily concentrated lepaking place IN klcc, not for malaysians. Mamak rules ;P