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  • Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    Fun Down South

    Day 1

    Although this was a last minute planned trip, but it was a good trip over all.

    My travel mates were Christin, Nadia & Viny, Fandi joined us only on the way back to KL.

    Up left to right: Nadia, Christin & Viny
    Bottom fat to thin: Fandi & Me

    We had darn lots of fun screaming in the car, especially during the journey back home, will get to that part later!

    The 1st place we went upon arrival was Jonker walk.

    Photo by Nadia

    Darn I tell you, I miss this place so much!

    Reminds me of last time when I came here at the end of term 2...

    Photo by Nadia

    The only thing I could not believe was the price of the food and items sold.

    Imagine, 3 dishes & a drinks, shared among 5 people, I only have to pay RM 4! And I still feel full.

    I bought myself an interesting toy.




    I so love to play with this thing, I just have to shake it down wards and the stick will extend and turn into a baton.

    Solid steel baybeh! Only for RM 10~ :D

    Now I don't have to use this stupid weapon of "mass destruction" anymore. =D

    Some dude tried to sell his dyed hamster.. Quite cute actually, but I wonder how he manage to do that with those little rats running all around...

    Its interesting and funny at the same time to see old folks come out and dance when some lady went up the stage at Jonker Walk to sing.

    Boogie for the oldie~

    Well, I guess its never too old to do anything for this 2 grandpa.

    Lucky for us, we have the privilege to stay over at Fandi's house in Malacca instead of renting some hotel that is just too expensive.

    Photo by Nadia, edited by me

    No Fandi, by standing side ways doesn't make you thinner! :P

    Maybe just for awhile in that picture..

    Day 2

    The girls woke up rather early in the morning, talking about 'dim sum' breakfast, Fandi & I slept like a pig..

    We were the ones who suggested this plan, well I guess next trip la...

    Photo by Nadia

    The main purpose of this trip was because of medical purposes, hence we went to Mahkota Hospital.

    I was surprise to see so many other state cars, such as from KL, Selangor, Johor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan & Penang.

    Apparently, I was told that Mahkota Hospital Malacca offers very good medical treatment, that explains the appearance of so many foreign cars.

    I think I've waited for more then 1 hour++ for my friends to get over with the consultation time.

    It was raining cats and dogs outside for the past 2 days I was here, but I think I very macho I couldn't care less about few drops of water.

    Clever read, clever arrange;
    not clever arrange, don't read...

    I found this really funny tag line at one of the stalls in the hospital premises.

    After all the waiting, its time to tackle Malacca's famous food - Chicken Rice Ball!!

    Photo by Nadia

    Somehow the chicken seems the same, the rice is like normal rice, just that the shape is round.

    But whenever we eat chicken rice ball in Malacca, it always taste better then normal chicken rice in KL.

    Photo by Nadia, edited by me

    Maybe because its the time we spend on holidays together with friends that made it much more tasty? =)

    We left Malacca around 3-4pm++

    On the way at the highway, I brought up a previous plan of dropping by at Port Dickson.

    And so we did, going there, no problem, coming back was where experience of hell was fast forward...

    Honestly, we got lost on the way back, we end up traveling aimlessly and hope we can find our way back.

    Went on to some really weird highway which is VERY LONG only to know that we are traveling further down south instead of up north back to KL!!!

    To make things worst,

    The time has finally came, all the rain water attack on me had catch up and its effecting my head, it felt very heavy, my eyes are shutting down, neck felt as if its going to break.

    Thanks to Christin who kept massaging my back to keep me on going, if not I sure pengsan early already. :)

    I told everyone, if we pass another toll again, I'm going to scream in front of the toll personal "TOLL LAGI AH???"

    Indeed, we went pass another toll(last)! This time, all of us screen down the window, and started shouting and screaming randomly!

    Really, 6 hours in the car, pumped 3 times petrol, went pass MANY MANY MANY TOLLS and not feeling well, anyone will go crazy!

    At the end of it, Ridzuan Condominium at last!

    It was almost 10pm,

    I miss the familiar scenery,

    I miss the people of Mentari area that cross road and don't look wan,

    I miss the darn big sign board 'Kurnia Insurance',

    I miss the babi kia taxi driver that likes to over charge me,

    And I can say I miss home........

    I felt sick, threw up once due to heavy head pain.

    Anyhow, its a darn tiring adventure, but its still a fine experience!

    And its even better with such entertaining bunch of people stuck under one roof, makes this trip just more exciting!

    Maybe you should try it one day? :P


    Aya said...

    i saw ur blog just nw..
    n yeah... i read ur blogger.. not whole things... but, it was funny...
    when i re-memorizing the whole journey tht we made.. hahahaha...

    we all screaming like in the hell.. when we arrive at Sunway highway... hahahhahaa.... we could see obviously... "kurnia" building there...

    nice adventure...

    oh yeah..
    well, talking abour ur b'day which is same day like my dad b'day..
    who's the one change the card to be like tht? he/she is creative, btw... hahahhaha
    some kind of ur friend...
    fatty? wkwkkwkwkkkk


    MelzKC said...

    hehehe, indeed is a memorable journey~ ;) cant wait for the next time we go again! :P wakakka...

    well, u gt that right, fatty is 1 of them, and the other is alice.. their idea, very lovely indeed! :P

    hehehe... :D